Funny Email Subject Lines For Back in Stock Alerts

Tired of using the usual back in stock alerts? Try these funny email subject lines to double your conversions.

In 2018, Radicati Group claimed that a user receives an average of 97 emails per day. We are in 2022, and the numbers have gone up by a mile. 55.5% of the brands have started sending more emails to their customers β€” thanks to the pandemic that was forced on us.

One thing that you’ll find common in these emails is the ordinary subject line that repels the customer from clicking on it. As an eCommerce brand, ignoring your mail is the last thing you’ll ever want from your customers.

47% of the recipients open the email based on the subject line. And based solely on the subject line, around 70% of the recipients report an email as spam. What do you make of it? You have to attract and pique your customers’ interest through subject lines to make them open the email. This is where the humor comes into the picture. Funny email subject lines can work really well if you know your customers.

In this blog, we’ll provide you with a lot of subject lines to make your customers laugh and use that positive energy to make a sale. But before that, let’s see how humor can improve the performance of your back-in-stock emails.

Why Inject Humor in Your Subject Line?

We have all heard it umpteen times that laughter is the best medicine. And it’s totally justified if we say that this statement holds true if the low open rate of emails is the disease. People like funny brands and find it easier to relate with them compared to the ones who send emails with a subject line like – “Hope you’re doing well,” “Just checking in,” etc.

Adding humor to your subject line gives it a personality, which helps you stand out in a crowd full of competitors. It is, however, essential to keep in mind that every type of humor does not work for every brand. To determine what will work for you and what will not, you need to know your customers, their age, location, etc.

According to a report by Psychology Today, laughter can help you reduce pain and improves the flow of blood and oxygen in your heart and brain. This increased flow of oxygen helps up tolerate the discomfort in a better way. And looking at an email inbox that is full of irrelevant and boring emails can be quite discomforting.

With humor injected into your restock email subject lines, you can crack a smile on customers’ faces and even make them laugh out loud. This smile will surely help you rise above the noise and capture their attention successfully. And capturing more attention will bring more eyeballs to your restocked products, increasing the chances of them getting sold out again.

On that note, let’s look at some of the funny back-in-stock subject lines to re-engage with your customers.Β 

Subject Lines to Make Them Laugh

  • Are You a Genius? You could be – just πŸ›’ this restocked bestseller.
  • Don’t blame us! It’s you who wanted this alert from us.
  • ⚠️ It’s not a software update. Act and act now! ⚠️
  • You’re sitting idle? Dude, you’ll get late (again) 😑
  • We are not great at giving advice. Can we interest you in our restocked bestseller?
  • Hey, Miss-Busy-Queen-of-England, buy your fav bestseller this time!
  • Warning: The world will end soon. At least get the product you wanted 😨
  • 🐢 You kept barking… We understood and brought your πŸ—πŸ– back!
  • Life is ⬇️… We like β€” selling our back-in-stock bestseller ⬆️
  • 🎢 Is it too late now to say 🎢 – we brought your product?

Funny Back-in-stock Email Subject Lines to Re-engage Customers

Are You a Genius? You could be – just πŸ›’ this restocked bestseller.

Sarcasm can sometimes sound very wrong, especially if you’ve chosen text as the medium to deliver it. If you know that your audience will understand the sarcasm and take it lightly, it could do wonders for you. Teenagers and people under 30-35 years of age are more likely to take sarcasm the way you intend it to be taken.

In this subject line, first, you catch your customers’ attention by asking a question. And then you put in your sarcastic comment by saying, “You could be a genius.” Even your CTA is there in the subject line β€” asking them to buy the product.

It would be funny to your customers because, out of nowhere, you decide one day to say that they are not genius. Moreover, this subject line ensures that shoppers think it would be foolish not to buy the product.

Don’t blame us! It’s you who wanted this alert from us.

People often get irritated when a brand randomly tries to ping them. Even some of your customers might not like it when you send them emails promoting a product, and it’s totally human to feel so.

With this subject line, you set forth that your customers are only getting this mail because they wanted it from you. This justification will not only bring a smile to their face but will also make them open the email to check why they received the alert.

⚠️ It’s not a software update. Act and act now! ⚠️

Most of us keep rescheduling the software update to the point when it’s absolutely necessary to install it. This is exactly what customers do when they don’t see an urgency in your mail. Now, your customers know that your product went out of stock once. And it might get sold out again.Β 

You use this subject line where you create urgency by asking them to act now. Further in the mail, you can build on it by saying that β€” “There’s always a chance to update the software even after rescheduling it constantly. But once this product goes out of stock, you never know if it’ll be back again. Buy Now!”

You’re sitting idle? Dude, you’ll get late (again) 😑

Let’s be honest. When we open our mail, it’s either for work purposes, or it is to skim through the inbox to find the important ones. When you open it for work, you just do the job and leave. And to read the emails, more often than not, you choose your free time. You choose the time when you’re sitting idle.

The same goes for your customers. It’s very likely that they will land their eyes on your email when they are free. With this subject line, you call it out and then bring the urgency by saying β€” You’ll get late again.

Now, these are the people who have already been late once. They would not want to see themselves in that situation again. And the only way for them to ensure that it doesn’t happen again is by buying the product as soon as possible.

We are not great at giving advice. Can we interest you in our restocked bestseller?

Nothing brings a smile to an individual’s face quicker than the content the users can relate with. And there’s nothing more relatable for customers other than one of the most-watched TV series of all time.Β 

In this subject line, we have changed a quote from Chandler Bing to meet our needs of capturing the interest of customers. This line will perform even better if the products that just got restocked are related to the character or the sitcom itself.

funny email subject lines

Hey, Miss-Busy-Queen-of-England, buy your fav bestseller this time!

With these funny subject lines, we want to be playful with the customers and encourage them to click on the email. This subject line does exactly last. Here, you call your customers ‘Miss Busy Queen of England’ because they missed out on your product earlier. And then comes the CTA, calling them to buy the product this time.

Warning: The world will end soon. At least get the product you wanted 😨

Customers are well aware of the heights a marketer can go to generate a massive amount of sales. And ending the world is only one of those things. It’s funny because you are asking your customers to buy your product even when you think that everything will end soon. That’s some valor.

This subject line can be followed by witty content further in the mail. For example, if you are a clothing brand, you can say β€” If all of us are going to die one day, why not stand out from the rest by wearing good quality clothes. This, however, comes in the category of dark humor, which is something you always have to be careful with.

🐢 You kept barking… We understood and brought your πŸ—πŸ– back!

When your customer comes across this subject line in their inbox, they will be in shock. After all, how dare a brand say such a thing to them. These customers will surely open the email to find the reason behind this subject line. And this is where the funny element comes in.

You can follow that subject line with something like β€” “Is this you, John? Why did you open the mail? It was for your pet. But now that you’re here, why don’t you go and check out the dog food we restocked for your adorable pet.” The feeling of shock will be gone instantly, and your customers will be happy to see the product back in store.

Life is ⬇️… We like β€” selling our back-in-stock bestseller ⬆️

Harvey Specter from Suits (an American legal drama) is one of the most famous characters around. His punchlines and witty comments are what help him stand out from the rest. And isn’t this exactly what we are trying to achieve with our subject lines?

Most of the people who love watching TV series must have heard about Harvey and especially his quote: Life is this. I like this. And when these people come across your subject line, they’ll surely be smiling because of the way you changed the quote to notify your customers. It grabs the attention of your customers and serves the purpose, i.e., informing them about the product being back in stock.

email subject lines for back in stock alerts

🎢 Is it too late now to say 🎢 – we brought your product?

As soon as we read ‘Is it too late now to say,’ the next word that comes to our mind is sorry. That’s how popular this song by Canadian crooner Justin Beiber is. You can make this subject line even funnier by following it up with something like, “We had already said sorry to you when you came to our store, and we didn’t have the product. Not this time. We have it now. But hurry up because we don’t know how long will that last.”

Let Humor Do the Job

Humor is one of the most potent and is yet an underutilized tactic for e-Commerce marketing. With humor, you can show the human side of your brand. When you use it in your subject lines, you motivate most of the recipients to open the email and make the purchase.

But to send these humorous back-in-stock subject lines to your customers, you first need to automate your restock strategy. The Appikon – Shopify back in stock app allows you to automate your restock alerts. And it’s not just limited to emails. You can give your customers an option to receive the alert on multiple channels.

Reach out to us for any queries.

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