Enhance the experience on your Shopify Plus store with a better search experience using Searchly

Set up advanced Shopify search with Searchly, allowing autosuggest, autocorrect, search and filters, and upsells to increase conversions.

Trusted by thousands of Shopify stores to handle
42 million+ search queries

Powering your Shopify Plus store’s search engine with
robust and high-converting features

Typo correction to capture intent and remove friction from the search experience

27% of sites are incapable of handling misspellings of just a single character in the product title. You need an in-built autocorrect to catch these typos and provide shoppers with the right results despite them.

Searchly’s smart machine learning system learns common keywords used by shoppers, picks up typos, and shows relevant search results that match what shoppers intended to look for.

Keyword synonyms to ensure you don’t lose visitors to uncommon keywords

70% of ecommerce search implementations are unable to return relevant results for product-type synonyms, requiring users to search using the exact same jargon as the site.

Don’t let uncommon keywords impact your sales! If you sell to a global audience, you’ll surely have a large number of visitors searching with uncommon keywords.

Analyze keyword usage trends on your Shopify Plus store and set up synonyms within Searchly. This way, shoppers using uncommon keywords will still be able to see relevant search results.

Autosuggest to guide the
shopper’s journey

Leading brands like Amazon and Fashion Nova suggest relevant keywords as shoppers type. Autosuggest is built to help shoppers complete their searches faster and reduce the effort put in by shoppers.

In fact, search autocomplete boosts conversions by 24%.

Enable a smarter search engine on your Shopify Plus storefront with Searchly.

Advanced product filters to help shoppers find what they’re looking for

Cater to the specific needs and preferences that your shoppers have by allowing them to filter their search based on specific attributes. With search filters, shoppers can narrow down their search results by ratings, color, size, type, discount amount, etc.

First-time shoppers who use search filters have
2x higher conversion rates than shoppers who don’t.

Set up search filters on your Shopify Plus store using Searchly.

Increase your on-site conversions with a powerful instant
search widget and advanced product filters.

4.9 (209 reviews)


Content results on empty search pages to reduce drop-offs

When shoppers land on an empty search results page, chances are that they’ll drop off unless you’ve been able to engage them despite delivering unsatisfactory results.

68% of eCommerce sites have a “No Results Page” implementation that is essentially a dead-end for users, offering no more than a generic set of search tips.

Set up recommendations and suggest content on your empty search results page using Searchly to better engage your store visitors and keep them interested.

Searchly lets you customize the type of recommendations you show and even enable personalized suggestions to increase click-throughs and drive higher revenue.

Improve search capabilities on your Shopify Plus Store to
drive higher purchases

4.9 (209 reviews)


Improve your sales and increase customer loyalty with a
better search experience!

Frictionless search

Shoppers are frustrated by irrelevant search results. A smarter search experience will smoothen this experience, displaying personalized results.

Shortened search time

Allow your shoppers to find products that match their needs and preferences out of your extensive product catalog instantly, reducing the time it takes for them to complete checkout.

Increased repeat purchases search

By understanding customer intent, simplifying how shoppers find products, and removing minor frictions, shoppers will surely come back for repeat purchases and turn into loyal customers.

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Powerful integrations with the
best Shopify apps

Searchly integrates with 10+ leading Shopify apps, allowing you to set up more robust features within your Shopify Plus search.

Enable advanced search features like rating filters, localized languages, wishlisting, currency conversion, and more!

Prioritized support for
your Shopify Plus business

Built by Shopify experts, we’re focused on helping merchants improve their search experience. 

We prioritize priority support for Shopify Plus stores, helping you set up the app and make customizations as per your requirements. 

Searchly’s flexibility makes it perfect for Shopify Plus stores like yours!

Understand search trends and optimize your Plus store for
better sales

A Shopify search app like Searchly can help you understand the search behavior on your Shopify Plus store, what kind of recommendations and keywords convert, and where you’re looking shoppers through search. Powerful Shopify Plus analytics for actionables. 

The Shopify search app’s powerful analytics can help you make optimizations to reduce drop-offs and increase sales. 

It’s one of the best Shopify Plus apps out there! 

Set up a positive and frictionless search experience with
Searchly to increase conversions on your Shopify Plus store.

4.9 (209 reviews)

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