10+ Web Push Notification Templates for Shopify Restock Alerts

If you’re setting up restock alerts on your Shopify store, here are some web push notification templates that will bring back your lost sales. 

Web push notifications can reach over 80% of internet users and has a click through rate (CTR) of up to 30% and return of interest (ROI) of 2200%. That’s more than any other channel.

Web push is one of the most engaging tools for eCommerce brands to reach out to their subscribers and customers. This includes communication for products that they may have shown interest in while they were out of stock – back in stock alerts or restock alerts.

But let’s face it that customers are busy and have many brands sending them messages. They may not even open emails or read SMSes. But web push notifications are hard to ignore. Especially, if they’re about an item that had their interest.

But just because the customer was interested in an item at one point, doesn’t mean they will click on every back in stock web push notification. You’ll have to make the notifications enticing enough for them to click.

Don’t fret, we’ll help you out with that.

Here are 10+ web push notification templates for sending back in stock messages for your Shopify store that you can use.

Back in stock web push notification templates

1. FOMO restock web push notification

Customers don’t like to be left out or miss out on deals. It’s human nature. That’s why FOMO (fear of missing out) works so well.

Think of those Black Friday sales, Christmas sales, End of Season sales. They work well because online shoppers don’t want to miss out on discounted offers as they don’t know when they’ll get those offers next.

By using the effects of FOMO in your web push notification, you can improve click through rate and sales on your back in stock alerts. And it’s really easily to do so by including:

  • Time-sensitive deals – limited period offers
  • Peer pressure – 90% sold out, only 10 left in stock
  • Exclusivity – discount only for the first 20 shoppers
  • Scarcity – restocked only 30 pieces

Here are two web push notification templates you can easily make yours by making some changes:

Template 1

Look what’s back in stock – <product name>.

<product image>


CTA > Shop now!


Flotex Smart Band

10+ sports modes I Full Touch Colour Display I Heart Rate Monitor 

Buy at 10% off only today. 

Hurry! The clock is ticking. Offer closes in 5 hours.

CTA > Yes, I want to buy it.

Template 2

25% OFF

On your favorite shoe.

(add image)

Last 15 pairs left to avail 25% discount

Use code 25OFF. Get new deals everyday until this Friday.

CTA > Buy now

2. Incentive restock alert web push notification

IG business marketing guru Chris Do explains in one of his posts – “We don’t buy things. We buy how things make us feel.” It’s true.

Our buying decisions are made on emotions. And you can tap into the emotions, psychology and buyer instincts of your customers by offering exciting incentives in your back in stock web push notification. By offering incentives, you can make customers feel happy, special, exclusive, and closer to your brand.

Some incentives:

  • Free products, eg., buy 1, get 1 free
  • Free shipping
  • Discounted price
  • A fixed price off on the next purchase

Two web push notification templates you can easily use for sending your restock alerts using this strategy:

Template 1

The (name of product) you wanted is back in stock!

We have something more for you.

A gift voucher worth $100 that can be remanded on your next purchase.

CTA > Order it now and get the gift voucher in your inbox.

Template 2

Lucky you!

The (name of product) you most wanted is now available.

(product image)

Free shipping for all restock alert subscribers.

CTA > Buy now before stocks run out.

3. Simple web push restock alert

Many marketers follow a simple mantra – keep it simple. And so said Steve Jobs, “Simple can be harder than complex…but it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”

When it comes to web push notifications, simplicity may be the best approach. There are many reasons for this: web push notifications are typically small in size and shoppers busy browning something else are already looking at a lot on the screen.

You can keep your back in stock web push notification as simple as can be. Simply tell the subscriber that the particular item is back in stock and share a call to action. No discounts, no incentives, no clutter.

Here are two templates you could try:

Template 1

Don’t miss out on your favorite!

The Little Black Dress you wanted is back in stock.

CTA > Take me to it.   

Template 2

Look what’s back in stock

Hurry, stocks running out.

CTA > Buy now

4. Upsell restock web push alert

Think about it. Shoppers may have subscribed for restock alerts a while back. It’s possible that by the time the item is restocked on your website, they’ve already purchased the item or have lost interest in buying it. That’s where upselling comes in.

You could use your restock web push notification to upsell. Meaning, offer subscribers a better alternative product. Something that offers them more value! Study shows that upselling can generate 70-95% of revenue.

Use these web push notification templates to combine upselling with your restock web push notification message:

Template 1

The (name of product) you wanted is back in a new upgraded avatar!

<Product image with upgraded features listed>

CTA > Yes, I want the new and upgraded (product name).

Template 2

Your favorite watch is back in stock, but there are more options available now!

<collection image>


5. Cross selling restock web push notification

Did you know 35% of Amazon’s revenue is generated through cross selling?

Cross selling is the simple act of offering your customers more than what they’re looking for. Eg., if your customer’s looking for a coffee machine, offer them coffee mugs, coffee beans, and other coffee accessories to complement their coffee machine.

Today’s customers expect brands to help them shop. They expect brands to show them what they have to offer to them. Shoppers that subscribed to a restock alert on your store are already interested in your products and brand. Make use of this opportunity to introduce them to products related to that item.

Some templates you can put to use:

Template 1

The Red Dress you wanted is back in stock. But we’ve got a whole lookbook ready for you!

(product image + frequently bought together items)


Template 2

The Mell Coffee Machine You’ve Been Waiting For Is BACK and we’ve got a bundle deal for you!

(product image)

CTA > I want to see more in the store.

To wrap it up

Web push notifications are an excellent channel for you to instantly reach out to your subscribers and customers.

Just because there’s limited space available, don’t just use them to push out automated restock alerts that sound bland. Turn them into a sales opportunity for yourself!

But remember, keep a straightforward call-to-action in your web push notification. You don’t want to confuse the subscriber by asking them to do too many things in one go.

Ready to set up Shopify restock alerts on your store? 

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