How to Boost Holiday Season Sale with Back in Stock Alerts?

Here, 50% off; there, buy 1 get 2 deals; and here, buy 5 and take 70% off…

Holiday season sale deals are getting crazier every year. With so many competitive deals all across the internet, customers are going to go on a crazy shopping spree.

And when there’s increased sales on your website, stock-outs are bound to happen. 

So, have you planned your out-of-stock strategy for this holiday season yet?

We’re here to help you out.

Ways to boost sales this holiday season with back in stock notification alerts


Set up back in stock notifications

The holiday season is quite a busy time for eCommerce stores. In 2020, the average order spending went up by 17% (BigCommerce). Statistics show that this year, the share of total holiday season eCommerce sales would be 19%.

Point is, shoppers buy a lot during this period and so, it’s common for items to get stocked out. That is why you need to set up a back in stock plan on your Shopify store.

As soon as a product goes out of stock, the ‘Notify me’ button should appear on that product page. Those customers who are really interested in buying the product will subscribe to the back in stock notification alerts.

Pro tip: Enable shoppers to subscribe through multiple channels instead of limiting to just one. Allow them to subscribe for email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and web push, among other channels.

Why leave any chance of bringing back your high-potential shoppers, right? Today’s shoppers love to have control and convenience when shopping online. Besides, it’s more cost-effective for you because some of these channels cost less.

Here are some examples of messages you could use on different channels — SMS, email, Facebook Messenger, and web push, among others.

Here are two more examples to inspire you:

Example 1

Hey Gen, your long wait can end here, today! The Blue Sling bag you had your eyes on, is back in stock. Order it today and get free shipping. SHOP NOW! (

Example 2

Hi Rick, your favorite soft linen towel is back in stock. Order today and we’ll deliver it to you by tomorrow for FREE. Shop from

There are many things that sending back-in-stock messages can do for your Shopify store:

  • These messages help enhance customer experience
  • When subscribers receive restock alert updates they feel good about the fact that you actually remembered them and notified them
  • Back in stock messages also remind subscribers about the product and bring it back in their memory and wishlist
  • Restock alerts are also a good way to offer incentives to shoppers to nudge them to make purchases

Set up back in stock alerts on your Shopify store with the Back in Stock app.

2. Enable customers to hold on to items 

When shoppers subscribe to restock alerts, it’s best to send them a notification as soon as the product gets restocked. But, it’s possible that subscribers might not be able to purchase it at the moment, on the day, or even in the week that they received the restock notification alert. There could be many reasons for it: they’re travelling, busy, or something else.

So, when you see that a customer hasn’t clicked on the link or has clicked but still not bought, what can you do to increase the chances of a sale?

You can send them an SMS, an email, or a Facebook Messenger message telling them they could reserve the item by simply replying to your message. Here’s an example of the messages:

By allowing them to hold or reserve the item, you’re again giving them control and making their shopping experience convenient. This feel-good factor can also help in increasing sales.

3. Send product recommendations 

No matter how hard you try, there will be times when you can’t fulfil your shoppers’ needs. It’s possible that you’re not able to restock the product in time for the holiday season. Your customers might not be happy about it. But you can always take that as an opportunity to turn it into a pleasant customer experience.

What should you do?

Instead of making your subscribers wait for the product or keep them in the dark, inform them that you won’t restock it in time for the holiday season. At the same time, recommend alternatives. 

There are many ways to do so. Send them recommendations via the channel they prefer – email, SMS, Messenger, etc.

  • Recommend items that are similar, either from the same brand or other brands
  • Recommend a different version or versions of that particular product. For example, a different color, another size, or style
  • Recommend products that other customers chose to buy instead of that product. This is also fantastic social proof

Here’s an example of a product recommendation email: 

Pro tip: you can send product recommendations along with your back in stock alerts when you notice that subscribers aren’t buying it or showing any interest.

4. Follow up with an incentive

Consider this scenario: you restocked a product and sent out notifications to your subscribers. That’s great! But they didn’t take any action. Even after sending them a couple of reminders, your subscribers haven’t bought the item.

Why? There can be many reasons:

  • Bought it from another site
  • Purchased an alternative product
  • No more interested in the product

What should be your next step?

Follow up your back in stock messages with an incentive. Most times, customers don’t buy products, they buy a product because of the way it makes them feel. When you offer something more to a shopper for buying an item, they feel good about it, and so, they buy it.

You can tap into your restock alert subscribers’ psychology through incentives. 

Here are some incentives you could offer:

  • Free products, eg., buy 1, get 1 free.
  • Free shipping 
  • Discounted price
  • A fixed price off on the next purchase

And now, here are some examples:

Example 1:

The (name of product) you wanted is back in stock!

And guess what, we have something more for you.

A gift voucher worth $50 that can be remanded on your next purchase.

Order it now and get the gift voucher in your inbox.

Example 2:

Hey you lucky!

The (name of the product) you were looking to buy is now available.

(product image)

Why lucky? Because we’re offering free shipping on the product for all restock alert subscribers.

Buy now before stocks run out.

5. Follow up with a FOMO tactic

It’s human psychology – we don’t like to miss out on benefits. That’s why when there’s a limited-period discount or when a product is getting sold out fast, we start feeling FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

FOMO is a technique that actually works well during Black Friday, Christmas and Holiday Season sales. Because there are so many great deals, customers don’t want to miss out on any. Because they don’t know when they’ll get those offers again.

Here’s how you can add a FOMO effect to your back in stock campaigns. Try these:

  • Time-sensitive deals – limited period offers
  • Peer pressure – 90% sold out, only 10 left in stock
  • Exclusivity – discount only for the first 20 shoppers
  • Scarcity – restocked only 30 pieces

Check out the below examples.

Example 1

Hey Frank,

Look what’s back in stock!

The Flo Smart Wristband that you had wanted is available at a 10% discount. 

Only today!

Hurry! The clock is ticking. Offer ends in 5 hours.

Buy it here:

Example 2

Hey Gen,

It’s us again!

Just a reminder – we had restocked your favorite shoe.

Last 5 pairs left to avail 20% off

Use code: 20OFF

Buy now:

6. Enable pre-orders for out of stock products

Another for sure way to secure sales for stocked-out items is to enable pre-orders for those items.

By setting up pre-orders, you’re not only stopping your potential customers from slipping away, you’re also securing those sales. 

Here’s what you do:

If you know that you’re going to restock an out-of-stock item, automate the pre-order button to show up on that product page as soon as it stocks-out.

It’s humanly impossible to keep track of when items are getting sold-out on your site, and so, you can use an app like Pre-order Today to help you automate this process. 

By automating the pre-order feature on your Shopify store, you can:

  • Retain high-purchase intent shoppers who would have otherwise left your site without making a purchase, or who could have slipped away by just subscribing to restock alerts
  • Assess the demand for the stocked-out product and accordingly restock it to avoid overstocking or under stocking it
  • Offer the product at the Holiday Season discounted rate when the shopper pre orders it

Enable pre-orders on your Shopify store for out of stock items with Pre-order Today.

And here are some examples of the type of emails and messages you could send to back in stock subscribers.

Example 1

Example 2

Should you have a back in stock strategy for the Holiday Season Sale?

The answer is YES! Having a back in stock strategy is not only essential to increase sales for your Shopify store, but it’s also a way to strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Today’s customers like to have control. Give them that. Allow them to receive your restock alert communication via the channels that they prefer – SMS, email, web push, Facebook Messenger, etc. It’s one way to make customers feel satisfied and boost their loyalty towards your brand.

You can use Appikon Back in Stock app to make your campaign a breeze!

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