200+ Power Words to Rock your Shopify Back in Stock Emails!

If you’re an online store owner or marketer, you’ll agree, we’ve all been through this – crafted restock emails that we thought were so well done, they’d definitely get 99% clicks. 

But surprise!

We got close to zero clicks and a miserably failed back in stock email campaign.

What went wrong? 

Research by Nielsen Norman Group reveals that most readers only consume 20% of the content

This means, your back in stock email copy needs to be drafted such that it creates curiosity and generates responses from readers even if they read less than a quarter of your email.

But how do you craft such an email copy? Power words in your stock availability email

Emails with power words tend to perform better

You might have heard of power words. They’re words that trigger a psychological and emotional response. They’re words that influence readers. Drive them to make decisions. Take actions. And it’s proven – emails with power words convert more. 

Power words can be used across your restock email copy – from the subject line to the call-to-action. Your email needs to be punctuated with power words. And to use the right power words, you need to tap into your target audience.

But here’s the thing – cliches and jargons seldom work. The words you use should trigger an emotion in your target audience and echo something that they care about. 

Researchers claim that we humans do not make decisions without emotions, or that all our decisions are based on emotions

So what kind of emotions are we talking about? Below, you’ll see a wheel of eight emotions (created by professor Robert Plutchik) that can be used as a starting point for connecting with people’s emotions in writing. 

Shopify restock email

How to use power words in different parts of your Shopify back in stock emails?

Get the drift? Now let’s talk about how to use power words in your next back in stock notification email with Appikon.

Power words in email subject lines

This is your first (and last) chance to grab your subscribers’ attention. These are people who receive hundreds of emails from different brands. How will you make sure you stand out?

Include power words in your restock email subject lines to increase the probability of subscribers opening the emails. But there’s a catch. You need to use words that catch the attention of your target audience, not of everyone. And so, think about what your target audience cares about. 

For example, if your target audience is people who’re waiting to buy a watch, a subject line on the lines, ‘Always be on time and look smart too’ could pack some power. These people are looking to buy new watches because they want to look good and because of the purpose the watch serves – helps them track time.

Power words in email headlines

Your email subscribers are also others’ subscribers. Everyone sends them promotional emails. Did you know an average person receives around 25 emails daily? Your subscribers might not read each and every email. They scan emails. And so, your emails need to catch their attention so that they read all/more in it.

That brings us to the beginning of the email – the headline. Using power words in your Shopify back in stock email headlines can be the differentiating factor between bad and great headlines.

Power words in back in stock email copy

The body of your email is where you can write more than the other parts of your email. Here, you can talk about the benefits, the concepts, why it was worthwhile for your subscribers to wait, details about the product, how the item will change their lives, etc. But hang on… you can’t write about all of this. Pick one. Then write the body copy. If you try to squeeze in everything, your readers will get confused. But remember, add power words to turn a passive body copy into one that triggers the readers’ emotions and drives them to the next section of your Shopify restock emails – the call to action button.

Power words in call-to-action of stock availability email 

Your back in stock emails’ call to action (CTA) has to play an important role – to get subscribers to click. Power words in the CTA can help attract attention and drive potential customers to click through. And so, you must craft your CTA carefully. It should have fewer words than your headline, it should be clear, snappy, smart, short, and have a power word. The CTA should trigger an emotion, talk about a benefit, and be action-driven.

200+ power words for back in stock emails to trigger different emotions

While there are many more power words in the dictionary, we have shortlisted some of the best that you can make use of in your stock availability emails. Remember to include them in your Shopify back in stock email copy; but don’t over do them either!


  • Hurry
  • Now
  • Today
  • Only
  • Limited time
  • Don’t delay
  • Last chance
  • Selling fast
  • Discover
  • Crave
  • Inspire
  • Mystery
  • Pronto
  • Fast
  • Only


  • Secret
  • Rare
  • Surprise
  • Awe
  • Jaw-dropping
  • Mind-blowing
  • Spectacular
  • Remarkable
  • Mesmerizing
  • Astonishing
  • Terrific
  • Breath-taking
  • Unveil
  • Uncover
  • Insider
  • Learn
  • Distinct
  • Exclusive


  • Popular
  • Strong
  • Superior
  • Better
  • Elevate
  • Uplift
  • Best
  • Save money
  • Bargain
  • Earn more
  • Bonus
  • Profit
  • Benefit
  • Extra
  • Guilt-free
  • Hack
  • Shortcut
  • Easily
  • Instantly
  • Results
  • Fast
  • Swift
  • Rapid


  • New
  • Special
  • Exclusive
  • Unique
  • One of a kind
  • Only for you
  • Members only
  • Login required
  • Membership now closed
  • Ask for an invitation
  • Get invited
  • Be one of a few
  • Get it before everybody else
  • For your eyes only


  • Free
  • Sale
  • Unlimited
  • Discount
  • Remarkable
  • Wonderful
  • Exciting
  • Announcing
  • Introducing
  • Reward
  • Thrilling
  • Desire
  • Craving
  • Sinful
  • Sexy
  • Yearn
  • Beautiful
  • Cute
  • Dazzling
  • Lovely
  • Handsome
  • Haven
  • Retreat

Pain points

  • Improved
  • Tested
  • Lifetime
  • Affordable
  • Easy
  • Genuine
  • Quick
  • Simple
  • Goals
  • Save money
  • Solution
  • Help
  • Ready 
  • Save
  • Learn
  • Change
  • Increase
  • Improve
  • Gain
  • Advantage
  • Faster
  • Quick
  • Inexpensive
  • Easier
  • Hassle-free
  • Reduce
  • Cut-down
  • One-time
  • Speedy
  • No-frills
  • Shorten
  • Decode
  • Unravel
  • Beat
  • Break down
  • Free up
  • Control
  • Accelerate
  • Expedite
  • Relieve


  • Guaranteed
  • Powerful
  • Big
  • Valuable
  • Approved
  • Control
  • Supreme
  • Able
  • Influence
  • Potential
  • Prestige
  • Forceful
  • Mighty
  • Unparalleled
  • Ideal
  • Proven
  • Dominate
  • No doubt
  • Fool-proof
  • Flawless
  • Unquestionable
  • Secure
  • Preserve
  • Guard
  • Healthy
  • Smart
  • Absolute
  • No risk


  • Proven
  • Guaranteed
  • Reliable
  • Research-backed
  • Scientific
  • Absolutely
  • Definitely
  • Admire
  • Authoritative
  • Fact
  • Fool-proof
  • Sure-fire
  • Trustworthy
  • Promise
  • True
  • Legit
  • Confirmed
  • Safe
  • Genuine
  • Sure thing
  • Complete
  • Ultimate
  • Trust
  • Truly
  • Super
  • Worthwhile
  • Delightful
  • Effective
  • Superior


  • Miss out
  • Last chance
  • Going soon
  • Selling out
  • Don’t
  • Last few
  • Take advantage
  • Limited
  • Limited time
  • Only few left

Crafting a Shopify restock email that converts

So! Now you have more than 200 power words to pack a punch in your Shopify back in stock emails. And these are just the starting points. You can come up with your own power words that resonate with your Shopify store and brand. The sky’s the limit!

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