10 Back-in-stock Email Templates to Send Your Restock Alerts

When visitors to your website end up subscribing to back in stock email alerts, it’s a sign they’re interested in buying your product. Half the battle won, right?

So, when the D-day comes, you should make sure you send them that email. But just because you know that they’re already interested, doesn’t mean you send them a boring email.

It’s not always easy to bring back visitors. Some may have lost interest in the product, some may have forgotten, and some may have bought an alternative. So, you’ll have to entice them to come back to your product page via the restock email alert.

In this blog, we’ve put together some kickass back in stock email templates that you can use to enthuse your customers back to your website.

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Back in stock email templates to get more conversions

1. FOMO restock alert email template

One way to bring back customers to your website is by using FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) to your advantage. Arouse fear in shoppers that they might miss the chance of buying the product because it’s high in demand, stocks are limited, and selling like hotcakes.

Pro tip: Use visual tactics to make the email more impactful. For instance, information meant to entice shoppers should be in bold and large font size.

Email template 1

Hey <name>

The most in-demand product is back in stock on our website!

(add product image)


(add countdown timer)

Limited stock.

83% stock sold off.

Orders yours before stocks run out again.

CTA >> SHOP NOW     

Email template 2

Hola <name>

The item you’ve been eagerly waiting for is back on our eStore.

Avail 20% OFF

Only for back-in-stock alert subscribers.

Use code ‘YES001’ to avail 20% off

CTA >> Yes, I want to buy it now!

Ends Wednesday, 12/05/21 at 11.59 PM

2. Incentive restock alert email

When brands offer deals and discounts, they do so to evoke emotions and encourage an action out of the shopper. Also known as the pleasure principle, incentivizing is a great hack to get your subscribers excited about making a purchase. Your incentive restocks alert email should be crafted based on your deal.

Here are few deals you could offer along with your restock alert:

  • Offer free products if they buy a specific amount worth of products
  • Free shipping
  • A fixed price off
  • A percentage off
  • Give a discount on top of a discount

PS. If you frame your email right, you can even get the subscriber to buy more than what they signed up for.

Email template 1

The wait ends here!

The item you wanted is back in stock.

Order it today and get free shipping.

(Product image)


Email template 2

Lucky You!

That sold-out jacket that you loved is back in stock.

Buy Now to Get 10% off and save $100 or more.

And we want to give you something more.

Buy items worth $600 and we’ll give you a 10% additional discount.


3. Simple restock alert email

To keep things simple and straightforward, send a basic restock alert that simply informs the subscribers that the item is back in stock and ready for them to place orders. Avoid using any kind of deals and offers and even alternative product options in this email to keep them focused on taking one action.

Here are two back in stock email templates that you can use:

Email template 1

Back in stock

The Little Black Dress

(Add product image)

A dress that can take you from the boardroom to an evening out, effortlessly.


Email template 2

Hi <name>

You had subscribed to be notified when this item is back in stock.

(product image)

The black executive diary is back in stock.


4. Upsell restock email alerts

You could use the restock email notification opportunity to upsell – offer a similar, alternative product of a higher value. You can generate 70-90% of your revenue through upselling. But make sure the upsell items provide the user additional benefits. In short, keep upselling authentic.

This email tip is also important as there is a high chance that the subscriber may have bought the product you’re notifying them of, from another store.

Email template 1

The (name of item eg. mobile phone, Kindle, etc) you most wanted is back!

(product image)

But we have something better for you.

(upsell product image)

Feature 1 – Feature 2 – Feature 3

Don’t miss out this time. 

CTA >> Order the new and upgraded (product name) at a 10% discount.

Happy customers who bought it say:

(add testimonial 1)

(add testimonial 2)

Email template 2

Order your favorite watch is back in stock. 


Not sure if you still want it?


(Product image) (Product image) (Product image)

(Product image) (Product image) (Product image)


5. Cross-sell restock alert email

As a brand, it’s your job to let customers know about what you have to offer to them. Hence, cross-selling works well in restock alert emails. You recommend products that complement the products customers want to buy.

For example, if you’ve restocked a phone that does not come with any accessories, recommend earphones, phone cover, SD card, etc. It’s a simple, yet highly effective way to increase sales by 30%.

Cross-selling is also a way to enhance customers’ experience as they feel you’re making their lives easier and are interested in their experience. Let’s look at some awesome templates that will make this easy for you.

Email template 1

Hey there!

The White Shirt you wanted is back in stock.

(product image)


And before we ship it…

…revamp your wardrobe with these options

(Image of shorts)


(Image of belt)


(Image of hat)


There’s more in the store — > (Hyperlink to a sales page) 

Email template 2

The (product name) You’ve Been Waiting For Is BACK!

(product image)

CTA >> Awesome, take me to the store!

Customers who bought (product name) also bought:

(Image of coffee powder + product name and price) 

(Image of coffee mugs + product name and price) 

CTA >> I want to see more in the store.

In a nutshell, your back in stock email needs to be compelling!

There are a lot of factors to consider when you send a restock alert email.

It’s possible that the customer has forgotten about the product or has already about it from another store.

You may have to send more than one restock alert email too!

You should combine the restock alert email with the different strategies listed above. But remember this golden rule – make sure the highlight of your email is the product that customers subscribed to.

For everything else, always test your restock marketing strategies to see what works at bringing back your audience to complete the purchase!

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