How This Shopify Fashion Brand Uses Search and Filters To Increase Sales

Meghvi is a fashion and lifestyle brand known for its unique collections of Indian wear. As a Shopify fashion brand, Meghvi has an extensive product catalog and products with vastly unique features. 

Fashion and apparel brands usually have a large catalog, giving shoppers a range of products to choose from.

To make it easier for their shoppers to find the outfits that match their needs, Meghvi set up unique search features, removing friction from the search process and helping shoppers checkout fast.

The Shopify fashion brand uses Searchly to set up these high-converting search features. We’ve compiled 4 ways that Meghvi was able to increase sales through better search experiences so you can provide shoppers with such a positive shopping experience too.

Besides the winning search features that Meghvi has set up, we’ve also shared 3 must-have features to enhance search and increase conversions.

Not sure if your Shopify fashion brand needs search and filters? Read about the importance of a good search experience on Shopify fashion and apparel stores.

4 Ways Meghvi Improves Search Experience On Its Shopify Fashion Store

1. Show keyword and product suggestions within the search bar

Most shoppers would be looking for a specific item when they start typing on search. By simplifying the search experience, Meghvi was able to get them to make quicker purchases.

The fashion brand set up autosuggestions within the search bar, displaying relevant keywords and product recommendations as shoppers type.

This way, shoppers can click on the product, or autofill the keyword they were typing, getting to products they would want to buy faster.

Read our complete guide to better search experiences for Shopify stores to learn more.

shopify search app fashion store

Install Searchly to improve your Shopify search experience.

2. Display search filters to simplify product discovery 

Search filters allow shoppers to narrow down their search using attributes like price range, review, color, type, tag, etc. This ensures that shoppers don’t have to go through the entire product catalog and instead, search based on features and details that matter to them.

Meghvi set up search filters on the product catalog, especially collection pages, so that shoppers don’t have to look through the brand’s extensive catalog. 

Since the fashion brand has collections with more than 500 products listed, the search filters come in handy.

product filters app shopify fashion store

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3. Mobile responsive search to provide mobile shoppers with a frictionless experience 

Your Shopify search experience needs to be optimized for different devices. With a large number of shoppers using mobile to buy, it’s crucial to keep your store and your search elements like search filters responsive to mobile.

Meghvi uses Searchly to provide a mobile responsive search experience. The Shopify search app ensures that the store’s search functionalities are set up for easy use across different devices.

mobile responsive product filters

Set up Searchly and simplify search experience with search filters on your Shopify store.

4. Display recommendations on the collection page

With their extensive and slightly daunting product catalog, Meghvi wanted to guide shoppers to purchase, without them having to even start searching.

They placed a recommendation widget at the end of each collection, displaying “Top Picks From This Collection”. This recommendation showed items that were popular in the collection, helping shoppers without specific intent to find items that are sure to be loved.

display product recommendations

Set up a better search experience and improve conversions with Searchly.

3 More Ways That Fashion And Apparel Brands Can Improve Search

Besides the 4 tactics that Meghvi uses for their Shopify fashion store, we also wanted to share 3 other search functionalities to upgrade your experience.

1. Search autocorrect to avoid losing sales to typos

Autocorrect typos made by shoppers to ensure they see the right product results. With autocorrect, Searchly learns how shoppers search on your store and uses this information to make accurate guesses to typos and misspelt words.

This way, shoppers will be shown products they intended to look at, ensuring no frictions despite typos.

2. Customize empty search results page suggestions to avoid drop offs

Ever had shoppers search for something, not find it, and promptly leave? Searchly lets you customize your empty search results page so that shoppers can be guided to other product suggestions or nudged back to the homepage.

By customizing your empty search results page, you can lower drop-offs and keep customers engaged.

3. Keyword synonyms to show relevant results even on uncommon terms 

You may find that some shoppers use uncommon keywords, like using ‘blouse’ instead of ‘tops’ or ‘blazer’ instead of ‘work jackets’. You can easily clear these minor discrepancies and ensure shoppers land on the right search results despite using uncommon keywords.

Set up keyword synonyms so that shoppers are shown relevant results even when they use uncommon terms when searching.

You can enable these powerful search functionalities with Searchly, the Shopify search app built to improve on-site experience.

Set up a better on-site experience just like Meghvi on your Shopify fashion store!

A better search experience is crucial, especially for fashion brands that have a large catalog. We hope this analysis of how Meghvi has set up search and filters helps you understand the impact of a better on-site experience. An optimized search experience can help you sell better and capture more store visitors as customers. 

75% of users leave a site if they do not find what they are looking for in 15 seconds. A better search experience can ensure that shoppers find what they want.

With a Shopify search app like Searchly, you can improve search experiences and in turn:

  • Lower drop-offs by smoothening common friction experiences like typos and empty search pages.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Improve conversions by letting shoppers find what they are looking for quickly.
  • Shorten the time spent searching for products.
  • Faster product discovery and quicker add to cart.
The site search functionality is used by 1/3 of all online store visitors.

So, it’s crucial to optimize it for higher conversions. If you’re just getting started, here are 6 crucial features you need on your Shopify store’s search to improve the on-site experience, lower drop-offs, and increase conversions:

  • Search filters: Simplify how people narrow down their search and help them find what they want exactly by letting them add filters to their search results like price range, size, etc.
  • Autosuggest: Predict and suggest keywords to shoppers while they are typing.
  • Search bar suggestions: Display products and popular keywords within the search bar and help shoppers find products they want more quickly.
  • Typo correction: The app learns how shoppers search and auto-corrects typos to show the right products.
  • Synonyms: Define other keywords shoppers would use which are uncommon on your Shopify store to show relevant product results.
  • Empty search page customization: Show product suggestions and content on an empty search page to keep customers engaged.

Install Searchly now to set up a better search experience on your Shopify fashion store.

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