How to Write Restock Email Subject Lines that Increase Open Rates?

It’s normal for products on your Shopify Plus store to stock out. And interested shoppers to feel disappointed. But you need not worry. Your back-in-stock strategy will help you bring back those interested shoppers to your site. 

Now, imagine you’re trying hard to bring back customers through a restock email alert, and your email subject line reads, ‘Back in stock’. How many subscribers do you think will open that email?

Did you know 69% of people mark emails as spam after reading subject lines?

There’s nothing wrong with keeping email subject lines straightforward, but they won’t make you stand out or grab attention. Because your subscribers might be receiving such emails from other brands as well.

Your restock email subject line should be your starting point, not something you leave for the end.

Here’s a quick graph that elaborates just how important email subject lines are.

restock emails

So, what’s a perfect restock email subject line?

There’s no one perfect subject line or a formula to get it right. The idea is to keep it creative and catchy. Here are some references to get you inspired.

Restock email subject line examples to inspire you


Subject lines that convey urgency

Your subscribers weren’t able to buy a product because it was out of stock on your site. Don’t let them miss the boat again. When you send Shopify restock emails, create a sense of urgency to prompt them to take quick action. Here are some subject lines to help you do so:

It’s back in stock. Hurry!

Don’t let it get away this time.

It’s selling out fast as you read this.

Back in stock. For now.

Limited edition restocked!

Make it yours before it flies off the shelf again. 

12 hours to buy your favorite.

Back in stock + 10% discount (Limited period)

It’s here, but gone in 3… 2… 1…

Last chance to buy your fav before it’s sold out again

Back in stock. But time’s flying. Don’t miss out this time.

Back in stock email subject lines that create excitement

You’re sending a restock alert about a product that subscribers loved so much but couldn’t buy. And so, you must make it sound exciting to them. Let them know that you’re as excited to share the product update with them as they are eager to get it. Try these subject lines for your back in stock emails:

1000 person on the waitlist after you

Look what’s FINALLY BACK!

Yuppie… Your favorite just returned!

Just arrived… (add product name)

It’s here and it’s yours to own!

You asked for it. We got it back for you.

The moment you were waiting for is here!

Abra-ca-dabra! Here it is.

That aha! (product name) is back in stock

Aaaaand… here you go – it’s back in stock

Finally! It’s here. Now get shopping 🙂

Restock email subject lines with positivity 

Keeping the subject line positive brings hope and confidence to the subscribers. Positivity makes us happy and more satisfied. So when you send an email brimming with positivity, it brings a feel-good factor and most often, a smile to your subscriber’s face. It prompts them to take positive actions.

Good news! Your fav’s restocked.

You asked. We brought it back in stock.

Your favorite have come (back)!

You’re in luck. Your fav is back in stock!

We don’t keep our fav customers waiting.

Yes! It’s here.

We made it – the (item name) you were waiting for is here.

We restocked what you wanted and you’ll love it!

You’re better together with (item name)

We got it back just for you 🙂

Creative ways of saying it’s back in stock

Consumers shop from many different brands and sites because they have options. And just like you, your competitor sites would also be trying to reach them through marketing emails. Now imagine how many emails your subscribers might be receiving. And if all the email subject lines read the same, how would you stand out? That’s where you need to put your creativity at work. Here are some creative restock email subject lines to inspire you:

Waiting sucks. But you don’t have to wait anymore.

Psst… It’s back on our website

Keep calm and shop for your favorite

It’s about time you get your hands on what you were eyeing

Let’s look at some creative email subject lines from different brands:

Anthropologie, a clothing brand, sent a restock email for a dress with a subject line that attracts attention with wordplay: ‘We call this Deja Oooh

Another brand, Tarte that sells natural cosmetics, sent an email with a subject line in all caps to grab attention and smartly added scarcity with this line: BACK IN STOCK (for now)

Some ways to make your subject lines creative:

  • Add emoticons
  • Play with small and capital lettering
  • Use brackets and special characters
  • Use numbers
  • Add a touch of humor or pun

Personalized restock email subject lines 

In marketing, personalization works wonders. So, how can you personalize your Shopify restock emails subject lines? Follow these tips:

  • Include the subscriber’s name in the subject line
  • Insert the subscriber’s location
  • Highlight the subscriber’s interest
  • Personalize the sender’s name – for example Mel from

Here are some examples of personalized subject lines:

John, isn’t this what you’ve been waiting for?

The item you were waiting for is now available (only for your city – Paris)

Your team is in the final and we’ve restocked the jersey for you just in time

Straightforward back in stock email subject lines

Finally, you don’t always need to have a creative, catchy, or funny email subject line to attract your subscribers’ attention. At times, a simple and straightforward line is enough. This especially works well when you’re sending the first Shopify restock email. Your subscribers who are eagerly waiting for the product will click open the email even if it doesn’t have a catchy subject line, because they’re interested in the product. Here are some simple restock email subject lines:

Back in stock

Restocked – (name of product)

The item you wanted is back in stock

The item you wanted is now available on our site

Final thoughts on restock email subject lines

No matter how well you manage your inventory, items on your website will go out of stock,  and you will need a restock strategy. Most subscribers choose email as the channel for communication. As a brand, you do not want to miss this opportunity to convert a high-potential sale. And that’s why you need to ace your restock email subject lines like no other. And one more thing, always test your subject lines. 

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