10+ SMS Back in Stock Templates to Use for Your Restock Alerts

Sending restock alerts on SMS? You’ll want these free SMS back in stock templates.

With 65% of the global population using text messages and open rates as high as 98%, SMS is an excellent communication channel for eCommerce brands on Shopify to reach out to their subscribers and bring them back to the store when sending restock notifications.

With SMS being a more personal, quick, and simple communication mode, you can get your message across almost instantly. With a notification like a restock alert, we believe that’s the very nature that plays in perfectly!

But just like every other marketing communication, getting a customer to respond to an SMS back in stock alert, you need to be strategic.

Limited space. Limited time to capture attention. How do you do this?

Here are some different SMS back in stock templates using various marketing approaches to get a lost customer back to your store!

SMS Back in stock templates for Shopify restock alerts

sms templates back in stock shopify

1. Create FOMO through your restock notification SMS

Shoppers who signed up for a restock alert are already interested in your product. But that doesn’t mean they’ll buy the product right away on receiving the restock alert.

You’ll have to encourage them to make the purchase. Some may have forgotten or aren’t interested in the product anymore. Some may have bought it from some other store. To entice them to make a purchase, why not throw in something that brings in urgency and FOMO (fear of missing out). Tell the subscribers that the product is back and add something that creates FOMO, eg.:

  • A discount
  • A time-specific offer only for a few hours or days
  • Show scarcity; tell customers there’s limited stock available
  • The product is fast selling off, only a few left
  • Offer limited time free shipping

FOMO harnesses human psychology’s power to gain profit. 60% of customers say they’ve made spontaneous purchases after experiencing it! So make use of it in your back in stock SMS notifications.

Template 1

Hi <name>, The <name of product> that you wanted is back in stock. Buy it today at a special price of 10% off. Only today. Use code 10OFF. (add site url)

Template 2

Hi <name>, The <name of product> you liked so much is back in stock at <site url>. Buy it soon to get free shipping. Offer lasts until this Friday, 5th May. 

2. Add an incentive to the SMS restock alert

Even though shoppers who were interested in a product at one point, had signed up for the restock notification, it’s possible that they’ve lost interest in the product by the time you restock. Or they simply no longer find value in investing in the product at the cost that seemed enticing to them back then.

For such subscribers, you can reignite their interest by adding an incentive to your restock notification.

A few types of incentives:

  • Exclusive offers only for the restock alert subscribers
  • Free shipping on orders
  • Buy 1 get 1 free
  • Same day shipping or delivery

Incentives – discount, free shipping, same-day delivery, exclusive offers – are hard passes. The human brain is wired to feel stimulated when we read words such as FREE or DISCOUNT. These are things that make us happy because we’re getting something for which we’ll have to pay less.

Use these restock notification SMS back in stock templates when offering an incentive with the help of a back in stock alert app:

Template 1

Hi <name>, The <product name> you liked is back in stock. We’re offering a special discount to those who had subscribed for this message. Use code FGD25 to claim a 25% discount. (add site url) 

Template 2

Hi <name>, your favorite <product name> is back in stock. Order today and we’ll deliver it to you by tomorrow for FREE. (add site url)

3. Send a simple restock notification SMS

SMS is 8X more engaging for customers. It’s a channel that’s personal and fast, as most people always have their phones close to them and end up reading SMSes. So you can even choose to keep your restock alert to the point and simple.

Template 1

Hi <name>, thanks for signing up for this back in stock message. The <product name> is restocked at <site url> and open to orders.

Template 2

Hi there <name>, we’re happy to share that your awaited item – <name of product> is back in stock at <site url>.

4. Upsell through your SMS restock notification

Shoppers who have subscribed to your restock notifications are already in the category of highly prospective because they showed interest in the product. That’s awesome!

What if you could use this to your advantage? These customers already like your brand or your product and are interested in buying. Why not sell them a better product of a higher value?

In short, upsell when you send them an SMS restock alert. It’s not just a selling tactic, it’s one that makes customers happy because you’re offering them something better that might add more value to them.

  • You can offer them a better alternative (a more expensive one) to the product they wanted
  • You can offer an upgraded version of the product they wanted (Eg., electronics, gadgets)

Here are two templates you could easily use to upsell via your restock SMS alert using a Shopify SMS marketing app:

Template 1

Hi <name>, the <product name> you wanted is back in stock. You might also like its upgraded version, <product name>. Explore it at <site url>.

Template 2

Hi <name>, the <product name> you wanted is back in stock. We have something else, even better, for you <product name>. Check it out at <site url>.

5. Cross sell via your SMS restock notification

Cross selling is another psychological trigger that can encourage your SMS subscribers to purchase more than what they had initially wanted to.

Customers like to feel special, treated well, and be helped in their shopping process. As an eCommerce brand, you can improve their shopping experience by offering them products that will add to their lifestyle and increase the value of their purchase. You can do so by offering complementing products to something that they already have or are interested in buying.

  • Offer products that go well together (Eg., a pant and a belt)
  • Offer products that will make the use of one product easier (Eg., an ink pen with a refill ink bottle)

Use these templates to cross sell in your restock alerts SMS notification:

Template 1

Hi <name>, your most-awaited <product name> is back in stock. Also check out <product name> along with it at <site url>. Use code MO20 for a 20% discount on the purchase of both items.

Template 2

Hi <name>, the <product name> you wanted is back in stock. Customers who bought it also bought the <product name>. We’ll make your purchase more special with a 10% discount on the purchase of both. <site url>

Summing it up

Are you ready to enhance your restock alerts SMS strategy with these ideas?

There are a lot of factors that you must consider when sending a Shopify restock notification on SMS. You must keep in mind the customer and how you can improve their shopping experience. Try different approaches and see what works best for different categories of customers.

Ready to automate your Shopify SMS restock alerts? Get the back in stock app today.

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