Why Human Touch and Automation Are the Real Hacks to Recovering Abandoned Carts through Text Marketing

Abandoned carts are a trillion-dollar issue. Yes, you read that right— the 71% of lost abandoned carts amount to a huge loss in sales for businesses worldwide. With more eCommerce businesses cropping up and with shorter attention spans, cart recovery is harder than ever. 

However, we’ve found the formula for a successful cart recovery strategy— using human-powered automation within your text marketing. Sounds confusing? We’ll explain!

Importance of Recovering Abandoned Carts Through Text Marketing

Text messages are instantly sent, with most consumers reading these texts within the first 90 seconds of receiving them. In comparison, emails take 90 minutes to be read.

With text messages, you have a direct and highly visible communication channel with your shoppers, ensuring that they can’t miss your message. SMS has a 98% open rate, the highest by far in comparison to the different communication channels available for businesses online. 

Unlike other communication channels, SMS allows you to reach shoppers even if they are offline. Oftentimes, your shoppers may not be connected to the internet. If you’ve sent emails or social media posts about a special time-sensitive offer, your SMS campaign will ensure that they are informed about it.

What’s more, unlike email, you don’t have to worry about spam filters. SMS campaigns sent to your subscribers will be successfully sent, despite any words you use. This isn’t the case for email, where words like ‘sales’ and ‘free’ can get your email filtered as spam.

SMS has proven to be a success, providing top eCommerce businesses with a personal channel to communicate with their shoppers and build a relationship with them. There’s no denying that text marketing is a must-have within your marketing arsenal. 

How to Automate Abandoned Cart Recovery via Text Messages

When setting up your text marketing strategy, your first priority must be to recover those pesky carts. With leading Shopify apps like TxtCart, running such an abandoned cart recovery campaign is easy. 

Using the campaign creator, you can set up your abandoned cart message. Here are some ways to supercharge your text marketing and set up high-converting abandoned cart campaigns:

  • Make your abandoned cart message sound like you by using your brand tone.
  • Use urgency tactics and words like ‘Don’t miss out’ or ‘Expiring soon’. This is sure to make your shoppers take quicker action.
  • Add a CTA at the end of the text message to nudge action and guide shoppers to take their next step. A CTA like ‘Act now’ or ‘Checkout now’ is sure to do the trick!
  • Personalize your campaign by adding first name parameters to add a more personal touch and mentioning the product name to remind shoppers what they left behind.

Abandoned Carts

Set up abandoned cart recovery text messages using TxtCart. Install the app now!

Adding a Human Touch to Your Automated Abandoned Cart Recovery via Text Messages

TxtCart powers your abandoned cart campaign with human-automation. Your SMS campaigns are sent to your shoppers in real-time by real humans.

How does this work? 

Simply install and onboard with TxtCart. It takes less than 5 minutes to have your store outfitted with its own personal SMS Sales team. They handle all of your abandoned cart needs automatically.

Additionally, TxtCart’s easy-to-use interface makes it simpler to craft your campaign. You can personalize this text message and entice shoppers to checkout with an offer. 

Once set up, the abandoned cart text message is automatically sent to your shoppers by TxtCart’s SMS experts. They add a conversational touch to the text message and guide shoppers to come back and checkout.

When shoppers reply to the abandoned cart message, these SMS experts respond with appropriate offers and deals that will interest these shoppers, successfully bringing them back to their cart and recovering the abandoned cart 

But, how does a human touch help with your cart recovery automation?

Your shoppers are not similar, some may want a free shipping offers, others may want a discount over their cart value, while others may just need a reminder. You only know your shoppers; preferences by asking them! 

When you automate your cart recovery without any conversational elements or any flexibility on how the message is delivered, your cart recovery message comes across as just a marketing promotion. Many shoppers are put off by this and you won’t be able to recover your abandoned cart as a result. 

Instead, with human-powered cart recovery, your shoppers can ask questions and get responses from SMS experts, leading shoppers to the information they are looking for. These conversational text messages are sure to help you cater to this wide range of shoppers on your Shopify store.

Successfully recover abandoned carts using text marketing!

We hope this guide helped you understand how text marketing can be used to recover carts and how you can enable a human-powered recovery strategy. TxtCart’s high-engaging and high-ROI text marketing strategy ensures that each abandoned cart is targeted. Using the Shopify app, you can set up highly specific offers and copy in your abandoned cart message.

The real humans behind your text marketing will send the cart recovery message and interact with your shoppers closely, providing a conversational experience and nudging these shoppers to come back and successfully checkout.

Install TxtCart to set up conversational and automated cart recovery through text marketing.

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