Appikon Becomes a Shopify Pick for Recovering Lost Sales to Product Stockouts

See why Appikon’s Restock Alerts is a Shopify Pick.

When eCommerce customers land on a product out of stock page, 46% of them either buy the product from the competitors or never buy that product. So, if one of your products goes out of stock, you keep losing almost half of the customers who want it till the time you restock the product. Restocking, by the way, can sometimes take a good amount of time.

Adding more to the misery, 30% of the total eCommerce customers believe that product out of stock makes their shopping experience worse. Long story short, out of stock product page can be lethal for your Shopify store.

We saw this problem years ago and decided to come up with a solution that could help Shopify businesses in bringing back the lost customers. And here’s the solution — Appikon Back in Stock Alerts. Being in the Shopify ecosystem for so long, we have introduced many new features to keep the app relevant for every industry.

After putting our effort into this app for years, we can proudly claim that it’s one of the best apps out there to help you capture customer intent and recover lost sales. And us getting featured in Shopify’s Top Picks in Store Design category only attests to the claim.

Shopify Pick: Why Is Appikon Back in Stock the Best App for Restock Alerts on Shopify? 

The eCommerce retailers are losing $1 trillion every year due to product stockout. This makes it pretty clear that you must have a strategy to bring back the lost sales. And going forward, Appikon Restock Alerts must be in the scheme of things for that strategy.

This Shopify Pick app provides you with features that make you forget about its existence. The only time you’ll notice Appikon Back in Stock Alerts app is when you see customers subscribing to the alert when a product goes out of stock. Here’s what you get.

Smart Automation

Let’s say you have only ten products in your Shopify eCommerce store. In this case, if a couple of your products go out of stock, you can afford to manually replace the “Add to Cart” with the “Notify Me” button. 

But is it still possible to do this when you have hundreds and thousands of products in your store? Not unless you’re a work-bot. The Appikon Restock Alerts become that work-bot for you. It automatically replaces the “Add to Cart” button as soon as the product goes out of stock. 

Moreover, you don’t have to spend any extra time selecting customers from the subscription list and sending them the notification. Once the product is restocked, the customers who have subscribed for the alert receive the alerts automatically.

Automated Multichannel Alerts

Here’s the truth about back in stock alerts — you can’t expect all the restock alert subscribers to return for buying the product if email is all you’re using to send the alerts

On average, a customer receives almost 100 emails every day. This means there are high chances of your alert getting lost in the inbox. But when you have multichannel alerts, the customer prefers where they want to receive the notification. In an ideal condition, customers pick the channels where they are most active. Hence, all of your alerts will reach your customers and bring them back to your store. 

With Appikon Back in Stock Alerts, you can give your customers an option to pick from multiple channels — Emails, SMS, Web Push, or Facebook Messenger. 

Segmented Restock Alerts 

Imagine you are running a clothing eCommerce store, and a product goes out of stock for all sizes (XXS to XXL). Now, you want to restock the product for L to XXL sizes. Would you be sending them back in stock alerts to the customers who subscribed to receive it for sizes below L? It would be misleading, and customers will probably never trust your alerts again. 

But with Appikon Restock Alerts, you can send variant-specific alerts to your customers. This means that if a customer has subscribed for a “Black Color Medium-Sized Dress,” they will only receive the alert when both the color and size conditions are met. However, you can still alert those customers by saying that — The product you wanted is available in Red color

Segmented restock alerts help you improve customer experience by making the alerts more relevant. 

Multiple Location Alert 

This is another aspect of segmented alerts. When you have restocked the product, but it can only be shipped to certain cities, there’s no point in sending alerts to those who can’t order the product. 

Using the location filter on Appikon Back in Stock, you can only ensure that your back in stock alert reaches only those customers who have subscribed for the alert from an eligible location. 

Compatible With Every Theme 

Moving on, you don’t want to install a Shopify app that makes the design of your store messy. The elements of the app should be customizable so that it aligns well with your brand colors and design. And the Appikon’s app doesn’t disappoint in this department either, as the look and feel of each element are totally customizable. 

Supports All Languages 

Now, let’s your store is made to cater to customers in France. It is obvious that you’re going to use French as the default language to appeal to the local customers. What if the app you install doesn’t support French? In that case, you’ll have to use some other local language or a global language for the elements of the app. And by doing so, you’ll be ruining the shopping experience of the customers. 

Fortunately, Appikon Back in Stock app supports almost every popular language to ensure that the purpose of back in stock alerts is served effectively. 

Easy and Quick Installation 

When you run an eCommerce business, your primary work is to manage the production, orders, strategies, etc. You can’t just be sitting on your desktop figuring out the ways to install an app on your Shopify store and then putting hours into making it work. 

You want an app that is easy and quick to install. And that’s exactly what Appikon Restock alert is. You just have to click the “Add App” button, and then the out of stock pop-up will be live on your product pages at the variant level. You don’t need any coding knowledge. It’s as easy as playing a video game. 

Captures Customer Email 

The back in stock form is one of the most effective ways to capture the emails and other contact details of interested customers. When they click on the “Notify Me” button and opt-in to receive the alert from you, you get the address to reach them. And not just any address, the address of the channel where they are most active. 

The customer data that you collect with Appikon, you can use to retarget the customers later. And because these customers were once interested in your product, they are very likely to convert. 

Effortless Integration With Your Favorite Apps 

Appikon has a vast number of integrations available, which boosts its functionality. These integrations help you automate a lot of your tasks and enhance your entire eCommerce business function. One of the best parts about Appikon Back in Stock Alerts is that they are always ready to integrate with an app if their customers need it. 

Some of the popular integrations of this Appikon Back in Stock Alerts are: 

  • Postscript: SMS notifications have one of the highest opening rates. And this channel also gives you an opportunity to reach out to your customers even when they are offline. This app’s integration with PostScript, an SMS marketing app, allows you to do just that. 
  • PushOwl: Appikon’s integration with PushOwl enables you to provide your customers with an additional channel to receive their back in stock alerts — web push notifications. Marketers have adopted this channel quite aggressively. Here the alert is sent directly to the screens of the customers who have subscribed for the alert, which makes it highly visible. 
  • Klaviyo: This integration allows you to create a memorable email experience for your store visitors by understanding the cues they leave. Klaviyo turns these cues into valuable and relevant messages that help you convert these visitors. It also helps you send an automated message by setting specific triggers. 
  • Zapier: Appikon Restock Alerts have also integrated with Zapier to allow you to automate repetitive tasks between two or more apps. You don’t need any coding knowledge. Basically, when an event happens in one app, Zapier asks the other app to perform a certain action. 
  • Wiser: It’s a lightning-fast product recommendation engine for eCommerce stores. And with Appikon’s one-click integration, you can increase the average order value and boost your sales by leveraging the power of data-driven recommendations. 
  • JustUno: With the help of this integration, you get insights into your visitors’ behavior in your eCommerce store. It tracks their activities like the pages they viewed and exited, visit frequency, time spent, order value, order history, and much more. 
  • MailChimp: You can’t be a Shopify business owner and not know about MailChimp. It’s one of the most preferred email marketing platforms. And its integration with Appikon Back in Stock alert makes it easy for you to execute your email marketing strategies. 

Customer Support That Never Lets You Down 

When you install an app, you want to be sure that its support team is there to help you out when you face any difficulty. And Appikon Back in Stock Alerts doesn’t let you down. Its customer support team ensures that whatever issue you face is resolved quickly.

And not just solving the problem, they also take the feedback very seriously. If there are any new features that customers want or some bug, they work on it to make Appikon Restock Alerts a better app. Customer support is one of the reasons why this app has stellar reviews on Shopify App Store.

Never Lose a Sale Due to Stockouts

There’s a quote in the Spiderman movie, “With great power comes great responsibility.” They didn’t tell you that the “great responsibility” also comes when you run an eCommerce store — the responsibility of not letting customers leave disappointed. And when visitors land on an out of stock product page, that’s what they get, disappointment.

Appikon Back in Stock Alerts ensures that you don’t lose these customers forever. It captures the purchase intent and notifies the customers when their product is back in stock, ensuring your sales don’t take a hit.

Install Appikon Restock Alerts today on your Shopify store.

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