Back in Stock x Omnisend: Growing Omnisend Subscribers Using Back in Stock Alerts

With low conversion rates, a huge percentage of store visitors end up never taking any action. Due to this, merchants need to focus on finding opportunities to grow their subscriber list and set up these strategies to be able to market to these visitors and convert them into customers.

Back-in-stock alerts let merchants capture sales that would have been lost to stockouts. However, a bonus of setting up these automated alerts is the ability to grow your subscriber list. This is why we’re pleased to talk about our integration with our favorite multi-channel marketing app, Omnisend.

With this integration, you can acquire new subscribers who show interest in stocked out products and later promote your store to bring in new purchases. Let’s dive into how you can use this integration.

Importance of Growing Your Subscriber List

With a conversion rate as low as 2.8%, you need to give your shoppers multiple opportunities to subscribe to your Shopify store. One way to do this is with back-in-stock alerts. By setting up back-in-stock alerts on your Shopify store, you can capture shoppers interested in a specific product and later target them with marketing messages to bring them back to purchase.

About 21 to 43% of consumers choose to buy the item at another store if the store they first chose is stocked out. However, when given the option to subscribe and effortlessly be informed about its restock, consumers would wait for the product.

Why should you grow your email subscriber list?

  • Out of all the channels, email has time and again given success with a 400% ROI on every $1 spent. 
  • Email gives you a more personal channel to talk to customers. 
  • Internet users prefer to receive promotions and alerts on email as compared to other channels. 
  • Emails help you build a one-on-one relationship with the customers, boosting customer loyalty.
  • Emails can be highly targeted, letting you slice and dice your subscriber list. 
  • Email is a platform where trends never change.
  • Emails convert more subscribers into customers. 

With back-in-stock alerts, you can capture more store visitors as subscribers while also ensuring you don’t lose them to stockouts. Win-win!

What does Omnisend do?

Omnisend is the all-in-one marketing platform that lets you grow your subscriber list and use multiple channels like email, SMS, and Facebook to market to your subscribers and increase Shopify sales. 

The Shopify app has pre-built automation workflows to recover carts, confirm orders, send post-purchase information, and even welcome shoppers.

Merchants use the robust app to grow their subscriber list in multiple ways— signup boxes, popups, wheel of fortune, and landing page.

With the integration between Omnisend and Back in Stock, merchants have an added way to grow their subscriber list.

How does the Back-in-Stock and Omnisend Integration Work?

The Back in Stock and Omnisend integration lets you grow your subscriber list with little effort. Shoppers who subscribe to back in stock alerts will then be added to your growing mailing list. You can then target them with other marketing messages.

To grow your subscriber list using back-in-stock alerts, you need to first install both Back in Stock and Omnisend on your Shopify dashboard.

Once installed, you can integrate the apps by following these steps:

1. Log in to the Back in Stock app dashboard.

2. Go to the Integrations tab.

3. Switch to the ‘Premium Integrations’ tab.

4. Click on the Omnisend integration card.

5. You will be shown a field to enter an API key.

6. On the Omnisend dashboard, click on ‘Store Settings’. Here, click on ‘Integrations and API’ and choose ‘API Keys’ from the dropdown.

7. Click on ‘Create API Key’ and you will then be taken to a page with the API key created.

8. Copy the key and paste it in the field on the Back in Stock page.

Omnisend is now successfully connected to the Back in Stock app!

Don’t forget to verify your domain for better restock alert delivery on email. Learn more about it here

Best Practices for Marketing to Back in Stock Subscribers

1. Start sending promotions only after these subscribers have received in-stock alerts

Since these shoppers have chosen to subscribe for a specific reason, you can’t start sending promotions right away. Instead, you have to fulfill their need first— sending them the in-stock message.

Once these shoppers receive in-stock messages, you can send them other promotions like about your sales or products. 

2. Use information about their product interest to upsell and cross-sell

Certain products on your Shopify store may be stocked out for a long period of time. Many Shopify merchants send relevant and personalized promotions to shoppers who subscribed to this stocked out item in an attempt to reel in the shopper and get them to buy.

You can upsell items similar to what the shopper showed interest in or even cross-sell items that pair well with the product the shopper subscribed to. With relevant sales offers, you can increase conversions. 

Upsell messages, especially, can help you lower the dissatisfaction shoppers would feel waiting on the stocked out item. Instead, they will be able to shop alternatives to the initial product they subscribed to from your Shopify store that matches their needs.

3. Set up browse abandonment emails on Omnisend


Shoppers who have subscribed to a stocked out item may have initially looked at a few other items before subscribing. You can send promotions about these items using browse abandonment emails. Browse abandonment emails let you send emails about items that a shopper looked at but didn’t add to the cart.

Using this automated email, you can display other items the shopper showed interest in which are in-stock. Shoppers who were strongly leaning towards buying one of these items will successfully come back and shop the item.

Also, don’t forget to read: How to set up back in stock alerts using email to bring shoppers back

Integrate Back in Stock with Omnisend to grow your Shopify store’s subscriber list

We hope this helps you understand how you can use the Back in Stock and Omnisend integration to grow your subscriber list.

If you haven’t already set up back-in-stock alerts on your Shopify store, it’s about time you do! With back-in-stock alerts, shoppers can subscribe to alerts for stocked out products. Once the item is in stock, they will automatically receive a message about it via the communication channel they subscribed to. This way, shoppers will come back to the store and make a purchase. 

Set up the Back in Stock app on your store and increase Shopify sales.


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