eCommerce Stores Using Back in Stock Alerts to Capture Their Shopper Purchase Intent and How It Helps Them Increase Sales

You’re sure to lose a lot of shoppers to stockouts. But, solving this is as easy as setting up back-in-stock alerts and automating the process of informing shoppers about a product’s availability. Learn everything you need to know about back-in-stock alerts.

Understanding how this back in stock strategy works may seem a little tricky so we’ll illustrate the impact of this. We’ve listed how 11 eCommerce stores of different sizes use back in stock alerts to capture shopper purchase intent and increase sales.

11 eCommerce Stores Using Back in Stock Alerts to Increase Sales

1. Amazon back in stock alerts

Who doesn’t know Amazon? The eCommerce giant made online selling mainstream, selling everything from books to electronics to clothing to food. 

Amazon lets shoppers subscribe to unavailable products and even manage these in-stock alert preferences through their customer account.

Shoppers on Amazon can easily see that a product is stocked out since the website replaces the “Add to Cart” button with a “Currently Unavailable” text.

back in stock alerts

Shoppers can instead click on the ‘Email Me’ button within the subscription widget if they want to be informed when the item is available. 

Since they are usually already registered, Amazon instantly adds them to the alert list and the shopper doesn’t have to enter any information about themselves for this.

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2. Walmart 

Since its opening in 1962, Walmart is passionate about combining the best of two great worlds, technology and world-class retailing, to give customers a wide assortment of their favorite products.

The American multinational retail corporation has been able to adopt a sleek online experience, ensuring that even their online consumers can buy products easily. One customer experience they’ve thought about is ensuring they don’t lose shoppers to stockouts. 

Walmart shows a button with the text “Get in-stock alerts” within the product page if the variant is unavailable. 

When clicked, the button shows a dialog box that lets shoppers enter their email address. Once confirmed, shoppers are shown a confirmation message, letting them know they’ll receive an email once the item is back in stock.

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3. Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is a US-based fast fashion retail company. The company operates online and has five brick-and-mortar locations. The company is known to use Instagram to gain earned media for its clothing by interacting with users and generating publicity through a mix of models, celebrities, and other customers.

Almost every fashion brand has stockouts but how you manage product unavailability is what makes an impact. For Fashion Nova, a well-placed and positive-looking (using an affirmative color like green) helps them capture more subscriptions for unavailable items.

Once shoppers click on the button, they are shown a subscription widget so that shoppers can enter their email and be notified as soon as the item is back in stock.

back in stock alerts

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4. Tesla

Besides selling automobiles that are eco-friendly, Tesla also sells apparel and merch for their cult following. Tesla makes millions of dollars selling t-shirts, hats, water bottles, and more, “without trying hard.” 

Due to its avid popularity, Tesla often runs out of this merchandise but they use back in stock widgets to easily capture these shoppers and bring them back later. 

The brand removes the “Add to Cart” button and instead, shows a text reading “Email me when this item is restocked”. 

back in stock alerts

Once shoppers click on it, an email field appears where shoppers can enter their email address to be notified about the item’s restock.

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5. Brumate

BrüMate has elevated millions of drinking experiences through innovation after innovation. The brand launched in 2016, selling drinkware that keeps adult beverages chilled. BrüMate has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the US without taking any outside investment.

If a product is stocked out, the product page shows a “Notify Me When Available” button. This button is highly prominent, catching shoppers’ attention instantly. 

Shoppers can then leave their email within the subscription widget and subscribe to learn about the product’s availability instantly.

6. Boujee Beauty

Boujee Beauty is a beauty brand that believes in breaking the stigma and taking the world by storm. The brand started in 2019 and has been amassing a following since then.

The brand has set up a sticky button on the right side of the page for unavailable products. This sticky button “Notify When Available” is shown while shoppers scroll through the page, ensuring they can easily subscribe to the stocked-out item without having to scroll up.

When shoppers click on the button, they are shown a pop-up widget allowing them to subscribe to a specific variant and choose between email or SMS when subscribing. 


ALHAFIDH is a one-stop solution for all electronics and home appliances, giving the best deals to consumers in Iraq. 

Due to its large product catalog, the brand is sure to run out of products from time to time. When an item is out of stock, they replace the “Add to Cart” button with a “Notify When Available” button. 

back in stock alerts

Once clicked, shoppers can enter their email or SMS and subscribe to be notified when the item is back in stock.

8. Nettle’s Tale back in stock alerts

Nettle’s Tale is a Canadian-made, thoughtfully designed swimwear, and apparel brand. They launched in 2014 from a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign and have gained success due to their locally-made and honest swimwear collection, designed for normal bodies.

The brand often runs out on specific sizes and has been able to capture shopper subscriptions despite this. Nettle’s Tale displays a button to allow shoppers to subscribe to these stocked out variants.

Within the subscription widget, shoppers can choose the size of the product they want to subscribe for and choose which channel— email or SMS— they want to receive in-stock alerts through.

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9. Kimonor Hair

Kimonor Hair is a hair extensions brand, selling hand-selected, cuticle aligned 100% Virgin human hair. Their mission is to empower people all over the world to feel happy and confident when they’re wearing their hair products.

The brand has been able to capture shopper purchase intent well for stocked out items. They display an embedded subscription widget on unavailable product pages. Shoppers can enter their email to get updates about the product’s availability.

The brand requires no reload, keeping the interaction as quickly as possible for the shopper. 

Setting up a back in stock widget ensures that shoppers who expressed interest in the item can easily subscribe for the product, making sure you don’t lose sales.

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10. Mount Mansfield Maple Products

Mount Mansfield Maple Products is a maple brand that came up from the foothills of the Vermont Green Mountains. The family-run maple sugaring business is committed to exceeding your expectations with fair farm direct maple prices, premium quality maple, and exceptional customer service.

As a food brand. Their inventory is constantly moving out, making the need for an out of stock widget more pressing. It’s crucial for them to display a button to allow shoppers to subscribe to unavailable products.

Mount Mansfield Maple Products displays the “Notify When Available” button right next to the pricing, instead of the “Add to Cart” button.

Once clicked, their shoppers see a subscription widget allowing shoppers to subscribe using email or SMS.

back in stock alerts

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11. Mirai Clinical

Mirai Clinical is known for its purifying and deodorizing products from Japan, ranging from body care to hair care to household.

The brand has set up a sticky button that runs vertically across the page, even as shoppers scroll through. This button stands out due to the contrast between the minimal page and the bold button.

back in stock alerts

Once shoppers click on the “Notify When Available” button, they can subscribe to alerts about restock through email or SMS.

Set up engaging back in stock alerts to capture shopper purchase intent and increase sales!

Back in stock alerts can help you successfully understand shopper intent and bring interested shoppers back to buy. Instead of disappointing shoppers about an unavailable product, you can give them the option to subscribe to be notified when it is restocked.

This way, shoppers won’t go searching for other alternatives to your Shopify store and instead would appreciate the convenience of being notified about the product’s availability.

We hope this list helps you understand how stores of different sizes use back-in-stock alerts.

Setting up back-in-stock alerts on your Shopify store is easy with Back in Stock – Restock Alerts. The Shopify back in stock app lets you instantly enable back in stock widget on product pages, customize how it looks, and automate messages for when the item is back in stock. 

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