Tesla Marketing Strategy: How Tesla Uses Back in Stock Alerts (and how you can too!)

Tesla’s online store has been a hit from the get-go! From vehicle accessories to apparel, the brand has found success selling merchandise to their enthusiastic shoppers. On top of that, the Tesla marketing strategy is a well-oiled machine from word-of-mouth marketing to free media coverage. On its eCommerce store, Tesla has set up clever and subtle ways to ensure that they are maximizing their conversions.

In this blog, we wanted to dive into the successful Tesla marketing strategy and highlight one of the smartest ways that Tesla increases sales— by enabling back-in-stock alerts.

How Tesla Uses Back in Stock Alerts

When selling their products, Tesla seems to run out of their stock quickly. Whether it’s vehicle accessories or T-shirts, their shoppers have a high demand for their items. However, this means that shoppers who visit Tesla’s online storefront would often find items out of stock.

To ensure their shoppers don’t leave due to stockouts, the brand enabled back in stock alerts— a Tesla marketing strategy that allows them to capture interested shoppers and later send automated emails to them.

Let’s examine Tesla’s marketing strategy for back in stock alerts:

  • Communication channels used: Tesla allows shoppers to subscribe using email only.
  • Subscription design and message: The message ‘Email me when this item is restocked’ is highlighted in blue.
  • Interaction with the subscription: Once clicked, shoppers are shown an email field where they can input their email address.
  • CTA for Subscription: Shoppers are shown a button to nudge action ‘Notify Me’. 

  • Post subscription: Once they enter their email, the shopper is shown a confirmation email ‘We will send you an email when the item is restocked!’

Install Back in Stock – Restock Alerts app on your Shopify store to increase sales just like Tesla!

Set Up Your Shopify Store Better Than Tesla

As an eCommerce store, you can take tips from Tesla’s marketing strategy and set up back in stock alerts too! However, we would suggest a few tweaks from Tesla’s strategy to ensure that you set up your restock messages to convert better than Tesla.

Here are 5 best practices you can follow to set up your back in stock alerts better than Tesla:

1. Enable multiple communication channels

Tesla has only enabled email as a communication channel for its back-in-stock alerts. You can take this one step further by providing your shoppers with 4 communication channels to choose from— email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and web push notifications. Different shoppers have different preferences and by providing multiple options, you can make sure that they subscribe to restock messages.

This way, you can avoid losing shoppers who don’t want to subscribe to back in stock emails but are still interested in the item.

You can easily set up multiple communication channels for your back-in-stock alerts. Install Back in Stock – Restock Alerts app to capture shoppers who are interested in your stocked out products.

2. Add color to the CTA within your subscription widget

When setting up your subscription widget, ensure that you’ve kept your product page minimal except for a few pops of color. Such a functional design can allow you to draw the shopper’s attention to the most important part of the page— the CTA.

You can use your brand color for this button and make it stand out on your product page.

tesla marketing strategy

3. Use urgency in your back-in-stock message

The back-in-stock message sent to your shoppers must push them to take action. One of the best ways to do this is with urgency. Build urgency with these words and phrases:

  • Act now!
  • Get them while stocks last.
  • Product availability is subject to demand. 
  • Limited stock, get it now!

With such phrases, you can increase clicks on your back-in-stock message and convert more shoppers.

4. Ensure back-in-stock messages are automated

Imagine sending a back-in-stock alert every time a product is back in stock. The manual task would become time-consuming. Instead, when setting up back-in-stock alerts, you need to ensure they are automatically sent.

The Back in Stock – Restock Alerts app is built to send automated alerts. Merchants can set up these messages with parameters and different templates. Once the product is back in stock, the automated engine triggers the communication message to be sent to all the shoppers who subscribed to that specific product.

5. Display product image within the back-in-stock message for better recall

Online consumers have a lot on their minds. So, when they receive a vague “The product you were interested in is back in stock!”, they may not know what product you are talking about.

Provide context to your back-in-stock alerts by displaying the product image within the message. Images can be added to all communication channels. Another way to quicken recall is by adding the full product name to the title of the message.

Tesla Marketing Strategy: Enable Back in Stock Alerts to Increase Conversions

We hope this guide helped you understand how to set up your eCommerce store like Tesla, increase your sales, and ensure that you don’t lose shoppers to stockouts. 

Even large companies like Tesla face stockouts. While managing stock-outs is important, one priority to keep in mind is how you prepare your eCommerce store when you do face them.

With winning conversion strategies like back-in-stock alerts, you can capture shoppers who are interested in the unavailable product and be able to later bring them back for a purchase when the product is available.

Install Back in Stock – Restock Alerts app to bring in new purchases and ensure you don’t lose sales to stockouts.

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