How Urban Wall Decals Uses Searchly To Improve On-Site Experience

Urban Wall Decals sells wall decals and wall quotes for all ages, with unique and loved designs. A family-run business, they’ve been able to grow a dedicated following, with 330K followers on Instagram and a customer base that loves the brand’s authenticity. With a growing product catalog, Urban Wall Decals wanted to set up a better on-site experience, specifically for their search, so that shoppers can find items they are looking for and face limited friction when discovering products.

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4 Ways Urban Wall Decals Improves Search Experience On Its Shopify Store

1. Search bar suggestions for faster search

Shoppers on Urban Wall Decals don’t have to spend too much time looking for products. Once they start typing, they are shown popular keyword suggestions and even a few relevant products. This shortens their search time, helping them land on the product they were looking for and ensure they don’t have to search through the entire catalog to find what they want. 

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2. Exact results with keywords

Many shoppers online have a hard time finding a product, even if the Shopify store has the item in stock! You need a smart search app that makes it easier for shoppers to find products. 

Urban Wall Decal uses Searchly to make search frictionless. Once shoppers search with a keyword, they are shown all products related to the keyword, including categories that match the term. 

This way, shoppers don’t just have the product results but also larger collections and categories relevant to the shopper’s interest. 

on-site experience with Searchly

Install Searchly to improve your Shopify search experience.

3. Search filters to narrow down products

Many new store visitors aren’t sure what they want to buy but only have a specific product type or price range to go on. In such situations, an instant search doesn’t do them any good. 

Instead, search filters can help. Shoppers buying from Urban Wall Decal can filter products by product type, price, collections, room, and even style. This way, shoppers looking for wall decals for their dining room with a specific price range can easily look at wall decals matching their needs and don’t have to look at products priced higher or items that wouldn’t match the decor of their dining room.

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The perfect way to guide shoppers to find the right product for their needs without getting a customer support agent involved!

on-site experience with Searchly

Set up Searchly and simplify search experience with search filters on your Shopify store.

4. Automatically display relevant results despite typos

Who doesn’t make a typo, especially when searching? Google has been able to smartly pick up on these typos we make and provide relevant results despite it.

Your Shopify search engine doesn’t have the machine learning tools to identify and correct typos during a search. This is where Searchly helps.

Urban Wall Decals set up typo correction to ensure that shoppers who make mistakes when searching can still see the product they intended to search for.   on-site experience with Searchly

Searchly learns how shoppers search, identifies common keywords, and suggests the most relevant keyword based on the typo. This way, shoppers can smoothly be redirected to products they meant to look at, even with a letter out of place.

Set up Searchly now and boost customer satisfaction with a better search experience.

Frequently asked questions about search and filters on Shopify

How does Shopify search work? 

Shopify search lets shoppers search based on keywords. Besides this basic functionality, your Shopify search is limited. This is why you need a Shopify search app like Searchly to set up advanced search experiences like autocorrect, autosuggest, synonyms, and search filters.

How do I add filters to my collection page in Shopify?

You can add filters to your collection page in Shopify with Searchly. The app lets you customize how and where your product filters appear on your Shopify store and which filters to show across different types of pages.

Which is the best product filter and search app on Shopify? 

Searchly is the best product filter and search app on Shopify. It lets merchants set up autosuggest and autocorrect and uses a smart machine learning tool to precinct shopper needs and deliver the right search results.

What is instant search? 

Instant Search is a search feature that predicts what people are searching for and shows results as users type. It uses autocomplete technology to predict and show terms in a drop-down box.

Set up a better on-site experience just like Urban Wall Decal with Searchly!

We hope this breakdown of Urban Wall Decals’ search experience helps you understand the impact of a better on-site experience. An optimized search experience is crucial to help you sell better and capture more store visitors as customers. 

75% of users leave a site if they do not find what they are looking for in 15 seconds. By setting up a Shopify search app like Searchly, you can improve search experiences and in turn:

  • Lower drop-offs by smoothening common friction experiences like typos and empty search pages.
  • Increase customer satisfaction 
  • Improve conversions by letting shoppers find what they are looking for quickly.
  • Shorten the time spent searching for products.
  • Faster product discovery and quicker add to cart

If you’re just getting started, here are 6 crucial features you need on your Shopify store’s search to improve the on-site experience, lower drop-offs, and increase conversions:

  • Search filters: Simplify how people narrow down their search and help them find what they want exactly by letting them add filters to their search results like price range, size, etc.
  • Autosuggest: Predict and suggest keywords to shoppers while they are typing.
  • Search bar suggestions: Display products and popular keywords within the search bar and help shoppers find products they want more quickly.
  • Typo correction: The app learns how shoppers search and auto-corrects typos to show the right products.
  • Synonyms: Define other keywords shoppers would use which are uncommon on your Shopify store to show relevant product results.
  • Empty search page customization: Show product suggestions and content on an empty search page to keep customers engaged.

Install Searchly now to set up a better on-site experience and improve conversions on your Shopify store.

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