Web Push Notification Templates To Boost Sales On Your Shopify Store + Examples

All the web push notification templates you will ever need. 

All eCommerce businesses across the globe use web push notifications extensively. And considering the short attention span of humans (8 seconds only), it’s one of their best weapons to hit the right chord. 

Web push notifications allow the inclusion of high-level personalization, action buttons, and rich media. And these notifications can be sent across all devices, from mobiles to desktops. 

A web push campaign can generate a CTR of around 10-12%, which increases to 15% when you introduce automation. And that’s not it. You can further increase the CTR by 3% using rich media. Moreover, a well-crafted and accurately-targeted transactional campaign can have a CTR of over 30%. These numbers are mammoth compared to 5-6% CTR of email marketing campaigns. 

Even the disenrollment rate of web push campaigns is much lower than email marketing. After receiving the first push notification, only 0.1% of the receivers unsubscribe to it. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss why and how you (an eCommerce store owner) should use push notifications to increase your sales. And we’ll also give you some best practices to follow to make a killer web push strategy. Hop on! 

Why Should eCommerce Business Owners Use Web Push? 

There are a plethora of reasons why eCommerce businesses should use web push. Here are some of them: 

Small Attention Span: Web push notifications tackle small attention span issues because of their shorter ad format. When this issue is tackled, the CTR of the web push campaign increases. 

Resistant to Ad Blockers: The number of people using ad blocker has increased exponentially over the past few years. A report suggests that almost 50% of internet users have ad blockers on their devices. But push notifications are resistant to ad blockers, which help businesses reach more customers. 

Wider Reach: Push notification campaigns offer a broader reach because they can be sent across all devices, be it Android, Windows, or macOS. Every browser, like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Yandex, also supports web push. 

One-click Opt-in: Customers can opt for web push with just one click. Because of this, web push has a high subscription rate. 

Web Push Notification Templates to Use Right Away 

Back in Stock Alert 

A product going out of stock is one of the most common things in the eCommerce industry. And it’s somewhat unavoidable. But in most cases, customers are ready to wait for the product. Using a Shopify Back in Stock Alert like Appikon, you can give your customers an option to sign up to receive a web push alert whenever their favorite product is restocked. 

Template #1 

Title: Finally, it’s back! 

Description: We have your favorite 👟 back in stock. Click to shop. 

Template #2 (Show how you care about your customers)

Title: Look what’s back 👀

Description: You wanted it, so we had to bring it back. Shop now. 

Template #3 (Create Urgency) 

Title: Inventory Alert 

Description: It’s back. Only 50 pieces left. Buy now before it runs out again. 

web push notification templates

Pre-order Alert 

Your customers are busy, and their emails are full of clutter. You’ll probably get unnoticed there. But you can still ensure that your pre-order alerts reach your targeted customers by sending them via push notifications. They have high visibility, and your promotions are conveyed instantly because of the crisp nature of notifications. Don’t forget to add rich media and an enticing CTA to make customers place a pre-order. 

Template #1 

Title: Secret launch alert 🤫

Description: New collection is online. Pre-order now! 

Template #2 (Make them customers feel exclusive) 

Title: Giving you early access 😉

Description: Get your hand on these newly launched <product name> before anyone else. Click now!

Incentive on Restock Product Notification 

After some time, customers lose interest in a specific product. And a back-in-stock notification alone is not enough to bring them back. In such a case, you should give them some additional discount to bring back the interest and provide an excellent customer experience. 

Template #1 

Title: We have it back! 

Description: The sneaker you wanted is back. Shop now to get 15% off. 

Template #2 

Title: It’s not gonna last longer ⏩

Description: Thanks for waiting for this <product name>. You can get it now at 10% off. Hurry up! 

Cart Abandonment 

In many cases, customers browse products and add them to their carts. But they either forget to check out or leave the store for some reason. It is best to remind them about their cart via web push notifications to recover a potentially lost sale. 

Template #1 (Personalize notifications) 

Title: Forgot something? 🤔

Description: James, you forgot to check out. Shop now before it goes out of stock. 

Template #2 (Remind them of products they have in their cart) 

Title: Your Cart Awaits You! 

Description: This blazer will look way better in your wardrobe! 

Template #3 (Offer Discount) 

Title: Free Shipping on Cart! 

Description: Get 25% off and free shipping on things you’ve been eyeing. Hurry up! 

Product Review 

People trust fellow customers more than brands. This makes reviews an integral part of any eCommerce business for getting more sales. When a particular product has many reviews, customers are confident that the quality will be worth it. You can create an automated web push campaign to reach out to customers who’ve recently purchased from you. 

Template #1 (Show how you care about their opinions)

Title: Your opinion matters 🫂

Description: Help fellow customers by leaving a review about your recent purchase. 

Template #2 (Incentivise reviews) 

Title: A review for 10% off? 💸

Description: Share your views and get an extra 10% off on your next order.

Limited Stock Message 

When customers know that a product is going out of stock at a rapid pace, FOMO enters their minds. They also want to get the product that everyone else is going to have. Letting them know about such products will substantially boost your sales. 

Template #1 

Title: Your Favorite <Product Name> Is Now On Sale 

Description: There are 2 pieces left! Hurry up!!! 🏃

Template #2 

Title: This exclusive t-shirt collection is getting sold out fast! 

Description: John, if you don’t hurry up, you’re gonna miss these amazing 👕. Go fast! 

Cross Selling Campaign 

Have you visited some eCommerce stores like H&M and Myntra that offer the “lookbook” feature? This feature shows all the items that are present in the product image. So, if it’s a clothing store, all the items that a model is wearing (shirt, trousers, shoes, watch, glasses, etc.) will be bundled together for cross-selling and increasing the average order value. If a customer has bought something from you, you can share products/accessories related to it via push notification. 

Template #1 

Title: Complete the perfect set! 

Description: These wireless black earphones will fit perfectly with your new phone 🔥 Buy now with 10% off. 

Template #2 

Title: It’s a match ❤️‍🔥

Description: Pair this off-white t-shirt with your black joggers 😍

Follow Up Message 

If a customer has not taken action you expected from them, you need to follow up. You can reach out to them via push notification to know what’s stopping them. 

Template #1 

Title: Pending email confirmation 

Description: Your email is still not verified. Verify now to know about exclusive sales! 

Template #2 

Title: Don’t miss this deal…💸

Description: Your last transaction failed. Check out your cart and get those products at a better price. 

Trending Item Campaign 

If a product of yours is performing well, don’t shy away from sharing it with your customers. It might interest them too, bringing more sales to you. 

Template #1 

Title: Our Christmas Bestsellers Are Here 🎄

Description: Check these products out and get up to 40% off! 

Template #2 

Title: Deal Of the Day!  

Description: Get flat 25% off on this amazing <Product Name> 😍

Welcome Message 

Sending a welcome message is one of the best ways to improve brand recall. Using welcome messages, you can showcase your website, brand, products, and much more. These welcome messages can be a part of a series to make the onboarding process easier. 

Template #1 

Title: We are pleased to welcome you! 🙏

Description: Click here to claim the welcome 🎁 coupon. 

Template #2 

Title: Our store’s bestsellers 

Description: Check out the bestselling items of our store. They sell fast. Hurry up! 

Price Drop Push Alert 

Price is the most decisive factor that customers consider while making a purchase. And if the price of an item decreases, let the customers know about it to make more sales. 

Template #1 

Title: Price Drop | 10% 

Description: 10% price drop on the sunglasses you were eyeing. 

Template #2 

Title: Tingggg! Price Drop Alert! 

Description: The price of white shoes decreased from $30 to $25. Limited period offer! 

Personalized Product Recommendation 

If a customer has not purchased from you in the last two-three weeks, you can share personalized product recommendation notifications based on their previous purchases. If any of the recommended products interest the customers, you’ll get a sale. Remember, the key is to share personalized recommendations to get maximum conversion. 

Template #1 (Based on their past purchases)

Title: We have something tailor-made for you 🪡

Description: John, we know you love graphic tees. You’ll look dapper in this one. Hurry up. 

Note: You must add rich media in product recommendations to improve the CTR. 

Template #2 

Title: You can’t take your 👀 off these! 

Description: These apparel will look much better in your wardrobe. Buy Now! 

Order Update 

Push notifications are about providing value to customers. And order updates do precisely that. They notify customers about their order status like confirmation, shipping updates, tracking information, receipts, out for delivery updates, etc. 

Template #1 

Title: Yaayyyy! Order Confirmed🎉🎊

Description: We have successfully received your order. It’ll be shipped soon. Track here! 

Template #2 

Title: Hooray! Your order has been delivered📦

Description: It reached you quicker than we expected. Thanks for shopping with us. We hope you like it😄

Message to Bring Back Inactive Customers 

There are always some customers who disappear after a couple of purchases. With push notifications, you can send them a subtle reminder to visit your store to buy something. If you use the right content and send it at the right time, you’ll surely see inactive customers declining. 

Template #1 (Try to connect emotionally with the customers)

Title: We thought our bond was unbreakable😔

Description: Hey John, remember us? We have a flat 20% off coupon for you. Come back now! 

Template #2 (Create FOMO)

Title: We don’t talk anymore… 😖

Description: You missed so many sales. Visit the store now to see our exclusive collection and a special discount for you. 

Best Practices to Improve the Performance of Your Push Notifications 

Web push notifications can surely help boost your sales. But to ensure that they perform to the fullest of their potential, you must have the right strategy in place. Here are some best practices to follow while creating a web push strategy. 

Deliver Usefulness 

50% of eCommerce buyers love receiving web push notifications, but only 18-20% of them find all the notifications useful. To improve the performance of your web push campaigns, you must ensure that the notifications are valuable from a customer standpoint. 

Segmentation and Personalization 

A generalized message will always have a lower conversion rate than personalized messages delivered to a specific segment. Personalized content can substantially increase the CTR and conversion rate. 

Use of Rich Media and Emojis 

The interactivity that comes with rich media improves user experience, which is also why the CTR is higher. Emojis, on the other hand, help brands connect with the audience on an emotional level. The use of emojis can increase the CTR by almost 5%. 

Use Advanced Feature 

 You can improve the performance of web push campaigns using advanced features like multi-website, smart campaigns, expiry schedules, and welcome drips. More than 30% of eCommerce businesses that run web push campaigns use these advanced features to engage their customers. 

A/B Testing 

When you send A/B tested push notifications to your customers, the campaign brings 10% higher CTR. 

Sell More With Web Push Notifications 

Web push is an instant attention-grabbing way to engage with your customer. Depending on various industries, it has an open rate of 60-90%. Moreover, they work exceptionally well to inform customers when their favorite product is back in stock. 

Using Appikon Back in Stock alerts, you can give your customers an option to receive push notifications when an out-of-stock product is back in the inventory. And not just via web push notification, Appikon gives you an option to receive the alert via email, SMS, and Facebook messenger too. 

Recover lost sales with Appikon! 

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