Analyzing How Amazon Search Engine Increases Conversions

54% of product searches now happen on Amazon. Its global presence and its ability to serve customers with even the most obscure products helps Amazon win at delivering great customer experience. We wanted to analyze how the Amazon search engine helps the e-commerce giant increase conversions. 

We analyzed the different search functionalities enabled on Amazon to help you figure out what you need to prioritize on your Shopify store.

5 Ways Amazon Search Engine Increases Conversions

1. Autosuggest personalized keywords within the search bar

When shoppers start typing on Amazon, they are auto-suggested keywords based on their browsing history, and based on how other shoppers search.  With personalized autosuggest, Amazon search engine is able to help customers find the keyword they want more quickly, bringing them to the search results and getting them to checkout much faster.

Autocomplete can boost sales and conversions by as much as 24%.

If you want to replicate this personalized experience with your Shopify search, you can set up autosuggest through the Searchly app. The Shopify search app lets you set up autosuggest within your search bar. It learns how shoppers search and uses machine learning to optimize its suggested keywords.

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2. Display past keywords within the search bar

Have you ever gone on Amazon and were about to search for a product you’ve been looking for on the platform only to find your past search terms already within the search bar? 

Amazon saves and shows past search terms within the search bar when the customer returns to shop. This way, if the customer ended up not buying what they intended to, these past keywords will jog their memory and get them to return to their search session and complete their purchase.

3. Easy search filters to narrow down the search results based on customer preferences

With its large product catalog, it’s hard for shoppers to go through the thousands of products on Amazon to find that one product they want. To cut short this tedious process and shoppers to checkout faster, Amazon lets them use product search filters. 

Product Search Filters allow your shoppers to refine their product search with specific details like color, size, price, reviews, etc. This allows shoppers to find the exact product they are looking for without spending too much time searching.

You can set up search filters on your Shopify store with Searchly! The Shopify search app lets you set up different kinds of filters, from reviews to colors to size. 

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4. Keyword synonyms to show similar products and give a variety of results

Amazon doesn’t just show the exact item that the shopper was looking for. It also shows other similar items that are synonymous with the keyword that the shopper used.

By showing a wider set of search results that are relevant to what the shopper searched for, Amazon is able to keep the customer engaged for longer and show them more items. 

With keyword synonyms, you don’t have to worry about losing customers who use uncommon keywords. Instead, shoppers are still shown the relevant results. Setting up keyword synonyms isn’t hard, you just need a good Shopify search app like Searchly

The app lets you define the keyword synonyms. You can look at past search keywords and pick up common synonyms. For instance, you can use more common keywords like “top” for product names like “tunic” or “blouse”.

Install Searchly on your Shopify store and set up a high-converting search experience.

5. Mobile optimized search, staying responsive across devices

One of the reasons shoppers love Amazon is because of how versatile the platform is. Shoppers on desktop or even their mobile can easily search and find products they are looking for. 

Search experiences in different devices are responsive to each device, ensuring a frictionless shopping experience. As an online store, its crucial to adapt your search engine within your store to be easy to use on different devices.

Shopify search apps like Searchly make it easier for you to set up a mobile-responsive search experience. The app adapts its feature, from search filters to the search bar, making it easier for shoppers on mobile is search on your Shopify store.

Set up a search experience better than Amazon search engine!

We hope this helped you understand how Amazon search engine attracts higher engagement and conversions. You can easily set up these advanced search experiences using Searchly. The Shopify search app is built to help you provide an easier search experience and increase sales.

With a Shopify search app like Searchly, you can improve search experiences and in turn:

  • Lower drop-offs by smoothening common friction experiences like typos and empty search pages.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Improve conversions by letting shoppers find what they are looking for quickly.
  • Shorten the time spent searching for products.
  • Faster product discovery and quickly add to cart.

The site search functionality is used by 1/3 of all online store visitors.

So, it’s crucial to optimize it for higher conversions. If you’re just getting started, here are 6 crucial features you need on your Shopify store’s search to improve the on-site experience, lower drop-offs, and increase conversions:

  • Search filters: Simplify how people narrow down their search and help them find what they want exactly by letting them add filters to their search results like price range, size, etc.
  • Autosuggest: Predict and suggest keywords to shoppers while they are typing.
  • Search bar suggestions: Display products and popular keywords within the search bar and help shoppers find products they want more quickly.
  • Typo correction: The app learns how shoppers search and auto-corrects typos to show the right products.
  • Synonyms: Define other keywords shoppers would use which are uncommon on your Shopify store to show relevant product results.
  • Empty search page customization: Show product suggestions and content on an empty search page to keep customers engaged.

What’s more, the app also shows you how shoppers search, what kind of keywords they use, and how your search optimizations have influenced your growth. A must-have app to improve search experiences and boost sales!

Install Searchly now to improve your Shopify store’s search engine.

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