Back in Stock x Klaviyo: Sending Back in Stock Emails to Recapture Interested Shoppers

Stockouts are unavoidable. But, do you have the right strategies in place to capture interested shoppers who land on stocked out products? This can be successfully achieved with back in stock messages!

Using back-in-stock alerts, you can capture shoppers to send them an automated message when the product is back in stock. When you set up back-in-stock alerts, it’s crucial to ensure that you have enabled multiple communication channels to allow shoppers to subscribe via the channel of their choice. This is why we’re pleased to talk about our integration with our favorite email marketing app, Klaviyo.

With this integration, you can send back in stock emails to shoppers who subscribe to in-stock updates via email and manage this automated email in a more efficient manner.

Why Should You Set up Back in Stock Emails on Your Shopify Store?

When faced with a stockout, 21% to 43% of consumers will go to another store to buy the item. By setting up Back in Stock Alerts, you can set up opportunities for shoppers to subscribe so that they can buy the item later. This way, interested shoppers are more likely to subscribe and come back later rather than shopping from your competitor.

The subscribe widget for back in stock alerts is fully customizable, allowing you to display up to 4 communication channels. Shoppers can enter their email or phone number within the widget to receive a message on their preferred channel about the product’s availability or even subscribe using Facebook Messenger or web push notifications.

Out of all the communication channels available, email is the most important. Automated email (like back in stock messages) average 70.5% higher open rates and 152% higher click-through rates than “business as usual” marketing emails. These messages have better responses from shoppers and you’re sure to see higher conversion rates.

Moreover, with no text limitation, you can use your back-in-stock email to display other product recommendations. This way, even if the shopper already bought the item elsewhere, they can still be nudged to shop from you through the other recommendations.

Read more about using email for back-in-stock alerts

What does Klaviyo do?

Klaviyo is an email marketing platform created for online businesses. Klaviyo helps businesses create memorable experiences using email by listening for and understanding cues from visitors, subscribers, and customers, and turning that information into valuable, relevant messages.

The app allows you to segment audiences, send personalized emails, and automate emails based on specific triggers. The powerful platform is used by Shopify stores of all sizes and allows customizations to the most granular level.

How does the Back-in-Stock and Klaviyo Integration Work?

To allow your shoppers to subscribe to back in stock alerts via email, you need to first install both Back in Stock and Klaviyo on your Shopify dashboard. 

Once installed, you can integrate the apps by following these steps:

1. Log in to the Back in Stock app dashboard.

2. Go to the Integrations tab.

3. Switch to the ‘Premium Integrations’ tab.

4. Click on the Klaviyo integration card.

5. You will be shown a field to enter an API key.

6. On the Klaviyo dashboard, click on ‘Settings’ and choose ‘API Keys’ from the dropdown.

7. Click on ‘Create API Key’ and you will then be taken to a page with the API key created.

8. Copy the key and paste it in the field on the Back in Stock page.

9. You will then be shown a dropdown to select your template. With Klaviyo, you can choose the kind of email template you want to work with. 

Pro-tip: Set up an email template specifically for back in stock messages.

10. Once selected, click ‘Save’

You’ve successfully integrated the Back in Stock app with Klaviyo.

IMP. Don’t forget to verify your domain so that your restock alert emails don’t land in spam. Learn about it here

5 Best Practices for Back in Stock Emails

1. Add product images for instant recall

When setting up your back-in-stock email, ensure that the email includes a high-quality product image of the item that the shopper subscribed to. Adding a product image can help shoppers recall the item they wanted, bringing them back to the store quicker.

These images are automatically generated from your store’s product page listing. So, it’s important to check if your product pages are high-quality and display the best features of the item. For instance, if it’s a clothing item, add an image of a model wearing the item. This helps the shopper visualize it better.

2. Test different types of copy

When crafting your back-in-stock email, test different types of copy. Try using urgency phrases like ‘Act now!’ or exclusivity phrases like ‘Limited stocks only!’ to see which yields higher results. By testing copy for your back-in-stock emails in the first month, you can find the perfect copy that converts your shoppers better.

3. Update the email to include the sale or offer you are running

When running a discount or an offer on your Shopify store, you can update your back-in-stock email to reflect this deal. When shoppers see a discount on the back-in-stock email, they would feel even more incentivized to shop from you.

Updating your back-in-stock email allows you to increase conversions and leverage the discount you have to bring back shoppers to your recently stocked products.

4. Display product price

You don’t want your shopper landing on a product they previously expressed interest in only to find out that it is more expensive than they expected it to be. When setting up your back-in-stock email, you must add the product price to the email. 

With the pricing visible to the shopper, they would be able to make better purchasing decisions and have a higher intent to purchase when they click on the email. 

5. Add product recommendations

You can add personalized recommendations to your back-in-stock emails to increase your chances of conversion. Back in Stock integrates with Wiser, allowing you to add personalized recommendations. By enabling this integration, you can give shoppers more options to choose from. 

Even if shoppers have already bought the item they initially subscribed to, these recommendations will make them come back to your Shopify store.

Integrate Back in Stock with Klaviyo for high-converting back in stock emails

We hope this guide helps you set up back in stock emails that convert shoppers and bring them back to make a purchase. Back in stock alerts are crucial in ensuring that you don’t lose out on interested shoppers when you have a stockout. With this integration, you can send highly personalized emails about the product’s availability.

If you haven’t already set up back-in-stock alerts on your Shopify store, it’s about time you do! With back-in-stock alerts, shoppers can subscribe to alerts for stocked out products. Once the item is in stock, they will automatically receive a message about it via the communication channel they subscribed to. This way, shoppers will come back to the store and make a purchase. 

Set up Back in Stock app on your store and increase Shopify sales.

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