Improve Site Search With Autocomplete: Why Autocomplete is Important to Simplify Search Experiences

Ever used Amazon to search for a product and found the search term within the search bar without any hassle? Consumers love Amazon because of its ease of use, with features like autocomplete making online shopping a breeze. A better search experience can help you sell better. One of the most underrated search features that many Shopify stores miss out on is search autocomplete. 

Despite being a small feature, search autocomplete can help you drastically improve on-site experience, shorten time spent looking for products, and get shoppers to checkout faster. Let’s dive a little deeper into how search autocomplete works and how you can set it up.

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What is Search Autocomplete?

Search autocomplete suggests keywords based on what you’re typing in the search bar. The feature allows you to predict what shoppers are looking for, helping them complete their search and get their search results faster. and 

For instance, if start typing in “smart” on Amazon, you can see a variety of keywords that shoppers can choose from rather than typing out the entire keyword.

search autocomplete

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Benefits of Autocomplete on Your Shopify Search

Autocomplete elevates your on-site experience, helping shoppers find items they want. Let’s look at 3 key benefits of enabling search autocomplete on your Shopify store.

1. Faster search

Without autocomplete, shoppers would spend longer typing the keyword. With autocomplete, shoppers can start typing what they are looking for and be shown completed and relevant keywords based on their intent and based on what you already offer onsite. This translates to a greater on-site experience, providing a frictionless shopping session.

2. Positive experience

One of the main reasons for dropoff on a Shopify store is the difficulty in finding products. Faster search functionality means that shoppers can get to their search results sooner and be able to find the products they are looking for sooner. This way, you can guarantee a positive shopping experience, making it easier for your store visitors to shop and making them eager to come back for repeat purchases.

3. Increased sales

With smarter search, shoppers can find the products they are looking for, getting them to checkout faster. In fact, search autocomplete boosts sales by 24%

If you haven’t set up autocomplete on your Shopify store, you’re missing out on an opportunity to sell more and increase Shopify sales.

Install Searchly and set up a better search experience to increase Shopify sales.

How to Set Up Autocomplete on your Shopify Store

Setting up autocomplete on your Shopify search is easy and with Shopify search apps like Searchly, you can even customize how the autocomplete searches appear. 

1. Install Searchly

You need an app that predicts shoppers’ search terms and completes the query for them. Shopify search apps like Searchly allows you to set up autocomplete and other search features like search filters and keyword synonyms.

You can get started with the Shopify search app now.

2. Set up autocomplete

Now that you’ve installed the app, enable “Instant Search Widget” within the Searchly dashboard. You can customize what search results are displayed (like products, search terms, and collections) and even customize how it appears.

That’s it! That’s how easy it is to set up search autocomplete on your Shopify store.

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Set up search autocomplete on your Shopify store to simplify search experiences

Search autocomplete is an important part of a Shopify store, helping you simplify your search experience. We hope this guide helped you understand why you need autocomplete, how it works, and how you can set it up. Shopify search apps like Searchly allows you to improve Shopify search, add search filters, keywords, and autocomplete. 

With a Shopify search app like Searchly, you can improve search experiences and in turn:

  • Lower drop-offs by smoothening common friction experiences like typos and empty search pages.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Improve conversions by letting shoppers find what they are looking for quickly.
  • Shorten the time spent searching for products.
  • Faster product discovery and quickly add to cart.

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If you’re just getting started, here are 6 crucial features you need on your Shopify store’s search to improve the on-site experience, lower drop-offs, and increase conversions:

  • Search filters: Simplify how people narrow down their search and help them find what they want exactly by letting them add filters to their search results like price range, size, etc.
  • Autosuggest: Predict and suggest keywords to shoppers while they are typing.
  • Search bar suggestions: Display products and popular keywords within the search bar and help shoppers find products they want more quickly.
  • Typo correction: The app learns how shoppers search and auto-corrects typos to show the right products.
  • Synonyms: Define other keywords shoppers would use which are uncommon on your Shopify store to show relevant product results.
  • Empty search page customization: Show product suggestions and content on an empty search page to keep customers engaged.

Install Searchly now to improve your Shopify store’s search engine.

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