10 Tactics to Hype New Product Launches to Increase Shopify Sales

You have a new product in the works! But, one of the most crucial parts of your work is pending— marketing the product launch. How well you market the new product and hype its launch plays a huge role in how it sells. With the right marketing tactics, you can amplify your new product and sell out as soon as it launches!

To help you set up a successful product launch, we compiled the 10 best tactics you can use to market your new product.

10 Tactics to Increase Sales for New Product Launches

1. Add a subscription form with Back in Stock

Before you launch a product, it’s important to build hype and ensure you can communicate with interested shoppers when the product is available. You can easily use the Back in Stock app for this.

The Back in Stock app is built to help merchants set up a subscription so that shoppers can subscribe to unavailable products. Large brands like Tesla enable this feature to ensure they don’t lose shoppers to stockouts. 

How Does the Back in Stock Feature Work for Product Launches?

The Back in Stock feature can be customized to capture pre-launch interest. Here’s how it works:

1: Shopper lands on your new product page before the product is live.

2: They subscribe to be notified when the product is launched so they can come back to the Shopify store and make a purchase.

Step 3: Once the product is live, an automated message is sent to the shopper about the launch.

Step 4: The shopper comes back to your product page and makes a purchase.

This easy flow allows you to capture shopper interest, understand the reaction of shoppers, and later bring them back to shop the item.

How to Set Up the Subscription Widget for Product Launches

You can set up Back in Stock app for product launches with just these 3 tips:

  1. Customize the subscription widget with copy like “Subscribe to know when the product launches!”
  2. Enable multiple communication channels (email, SMS, web push, and Facebook Messenger) to give shoppers multiple options to choose from.
  3. Customize your automated message to reel back shoppers to the product. Ensure that your message includes the product name, price, why the product is special, and an image of the product.

You can now successfully capture interest for new products before they launch!

2. Send a sequence of emails

Email is a powerful communication channel and one that almost every merchant uses to bring customers back to purchase. And the effectiveness of this communication channel is proven! In fact, email generates $38 for every $1 spent, which is an astounding 3,800% ROI.

SmartrMail is an email marketing app that lets you set up email campaigns for your Shopify store. Using the app, you can set up emails about your new product to be sent to customers who have subscribed or already purchased. Here’s a pre-launch email sequence you can grab inspiration from:

  • Send an email teasing the new product, talking about its features, and what makes it so special. Link back to your pre-launch landing page or product page so that shoppers can subscribe to be notified about the product.
  • Send a second email to show how the product works. You can attach a video to give a more interactive experience.
  • Lastly, send a third email once the product is launched. This email can let shoppers know that the product is live so they can head to your store to purchase.

You can also set up email as a channel within your Back in Stock app to send messages to shoppers about the product launch.

new product launch

3. Share social media posts around the product and why it’s special 

A week before launch, you can start sharing the product on social media and hint at it’s reveal. This can help you garner traction, acquire new followers, and get customers to subscribe to the product launch. Here are some social media ideas:

  • Show the product in use within a video.
  • Create a fun carousel to show the different features of the product.
  • Go live with influencers to promote the product.
  • Create a Pinterest board to show the different ways the product can be used/worn. (if applicable)

4. Set up pre-launch SMS

With an open rate of 98%, SMS is a must-have marketing channel. You can reach out to past customers using SMS, letting them know that there’s a new product they would be interested in. 

You can set up an SMS campaign with TxtCart, letting SMS subscribers know more about the product. The Shopify app is unique, with a human-powered SMS marketing engine. Using the app, you can set up a sequence so that you have tease the product and build suspense.

Besides this, your automated Back in Stock subscription allows you to send automated SMS messages to shoppers who subscribed to the product launch.

5. Tease the launch through web push notifications

Web push notifications is one of the best marketing channels. It requires no personal details like email and only requires browser permissions. With such little commitment, store visitors are more likely to subscribe to a store’s web push notifications.

Apps like PushOwl and FirePush integrate with the Back in Stock app so that interested visitors can subscribe to the product and be notified via web push when it launches. When customizing the automated web push notification, ensure that the copy is personalized and allows shoppers to recall the product by adding the product name.

Besides the automated web push notification, you can also send a campaign to all your web push subscribers, letting them know more about the product. 

6. Send reminders via Facebook Messenger

With 1.3 billion Messenger users globally, Facebook Messenger is one of the best channels for merchants who want to reach their users quickly. Facebook Messenger is available as a marketing channel, allowing you to promote your products and sales with customers worldwide.

There are 2 ways to send reminders and messages about your new product using Facebook Messenger:

1. Enable Facebook Messenger within the pre-launch subscription widget. 

As mentioned earlier, you can set up Facebook Messenger as a channel through which shoppers can subscribe to the product’s launch. This can be set up with the Back in Stock app.

2. Send custom messages via Facebook Messenger as a marketing activity. 

Send custom messages about the product using Facebook Messenger. You can do this with Recart, a Shopify app that lets merchants use Facebook Messenger as a marketing channel. When crafting these messages, ensure that you highlight the product’s features and benefits.

7. Run ads

Facebook ads allow you to reach new audiences, inform them about your products, and even bring back past shoppers to your store. With the right ad strategy and the right creatives, you can grab shopper attention, bring them to your new product, and increase sales. 

Apps like RetargetApp allow merchants to set up ads to target shoppers who are interested in products like yours. With this Shopify app, you can understand just how you need to set up your ads, track their performance, and optimize it directly.

When running an ad about your product, ensure that your copy is crisp and the creative used is interesting enough. Many brands add a quick video of how people can use the product or a fun and bright poster showing the product. Whichever you choose, ensure that it is engaging enough to warrant a click.

8. Add a product label to bring visibility

If you’ve added the product to a list of recommendations on your homepage, you can bring the product more visibility by adding a ‘Soon to be Launched’ product label to the item. With a product label, you can grab the attention of store visitors and make them curious to know more about the product and check it out. This can also help you increase subscriptions for the product.

Once the product is launched, you can add a ‘Newly Launched’ product label so that shoppers can identify the new product and shop it instantly.

You can add product labels to your products with ModeMagic. The app lets you add and customize labels to your products. These labels appear like stickers and can be seen within your catalogs or within recommendation widgets, ensuring products with labels get high visibility.

new product launch

9. Partner with influencers

Influencer marketing is growing in popularity among online stores, especially with an increase in influencers online and with more consumers flocking to their social profiles to figure out the best products in different industries. In fact, 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations

Apps like Carro allow you to track the impact of the influencers and their activities, and understand exactly how they impact your product sales. Using the app, you can plan influencer activities and understand which influencers bring in higher returns. 

10. Add the product to your homepage 

Hype your product launch among store visitors by adding a preview to the product on your homepage and linking it back to the product page or a landing page explaining the product. With this, shoppers will be able to easily navigate to the landing page or product page and signup for the product. 

If you want to create a custom product launch page or landing page for your product, you can easily do so with PageFly. This Shopify app allows you to build a custom page on your Shopify store using their page building features. 

Ensure that the landing page has a sign-up widget so that shoppers can subscribe to be notified about its launch. Once the product is live, you can add a buy now button and let shoppers purchase the item.

Generate Revenue During Product Launch with Smart Marketing Tactics

When launching a product, the marketing leading up to its launch is important. With these tactics, you can increase store visits, bring in back shoppers to learn about the product, and increase purchases within the first few weeks of launch. 

One of the best ways to ensure that shopper interest isn’t lost pre-launch is with a subscription widget. This would let visitors sign up to be notified about the product once it is launched. By enabling a subscription widget, you can let shoppers sign up via their preferred communication channel. 

Once you add stock for the product in the backend and launch it, shoppers who have subscribed will receive an automated message, letting them come back to your store and make a purchase.

Install Back in Stock – Restock Alerts app to bring more visibility and purchases for your new products. 

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