How to Use Facebook Messenger Marketing to Sell More for Shopify Stores

Over a billion people actively use Facebook Messenger in just a month. This number is expected to surpass 2 billion in the coming year. What’s more? Around 20 billion messages are exchanged between businesses and users monthly on Facebook Messenger. Simply put – Despite being a chat platform, on a relatively personal space like Facebook, Messenger offers marketers a unique opportunity. Let’s dive into why Facebook Messenger Marketing is oh-so-important now for your Shopify store.

Active users remain online on Facebook Messenger pretty much the whole day. Making it extremely fertile ground for eCommerce owners to sell their products.

Not only does Facebook Messenger offer a space to sell products through an active channel of communication, but it offers store owners direct personal access to customers.

With the introduction of Facebook for Business, every online store owner is looking to tap into the Facebook Messenger eCommerce space.

Through the course of this blog, we shall discuss some ways Shopify stores can boost their sales using Facebook Messenger.

Ways to use Facebook Messenger Marketing to bag more sales

Bring Back Customers Lost To Product Stock Outs

When an average user is looking for a product and finds that it is out of stock on one eCommerce store, they will very casually step away to look for it on another one. This is a huge loss for any eCommerce store. Rarely will anyone wait for restocks from one store, and even if they do, they are certainly not interested in checking the store for it daily.

Email subscription offers a simple, archaic solution, but Facebook Messenger does you one better!

Through Facebook Messenger, store owners can set up Back in Stock alerts for all their shoppers. This requires no additional sign-ups or details. All shoppers have to do is opt-in for stock updates through a click of a button on your store.

As soon as the inventory for that product is restocked, subscribed shoppers will get notified on the Facebook Messenger app itself.

Since chat offers easy access to most users, re-engagement towards the same store becomes a convenient option. In fact, shoppers are likely to develop an affinity for a store sending them timely updates through Facebook Messenger. That’s why it makes for a great channel to send Shopify restock notifications.

You can set this all up easily using the Back in Stock app by Appikon. The app enables powerful Shopify out of stock notifications with greater levels of personalization based on inventory and more.

Re-Engage Cart Abandoners

Studies show the cart abandonment percentage for certain industries is as high as 80%. Moreover, across industries, this number is above 60%. This is a big deal! It means only 2 out of 5 or fewer carts are actually going towards successful check-outs. The shopper seems to be convinced of your product but suddenly decided to back out?! WHY!

Well, the top two reasons across industries for abandoned carts have got to do with the total cost of the order. Shoppers decide to bounce when the total becomes a little too much in their perception for that order, whether it is because of shipping or just the sum total seems huge. Store owners can leverage Facebook Messenger to their advantage to re-engage such shoppers easily.

First things first, sending cart abandoners a gentle reminder through their Messenger is a great way to access their buying psyche. And nudge them into the direction of a successful sale.

This can be done either with a simple message like “Hey, your cart is missing you!” or with a message that creates urgency like “Your cart is about to expire!” or “Some products in your cart are soon going to be out of stock!”. Since this message is popping up through Messenger, shoppers are highly likely to view it and act on it.

The other way to re-engage shoppers is by addressing the problem at hand. Since most shoppers are abandoning carts due to the final price, you can surprise them with a one-time discount!

A simple message like “Hey, your CART is eligible for an extra 20% OFF!” or “Here’s a Surprise Coupon for you!” on the Messenger can not only leave your shopper filled with glee but also get you a well-deserved sale.

facebook messenger marketing - cart recovery


Welcome your Shoppers with a Message on Messenger

You have a new visitor on your website, that’s great. Welcome them with a message through Facebook Messenger! How?

It’s simple. You don’t have to spam new visitors, instead engage them to become a part of interaction on Messenger. A pop-up saying “Avail Your First Time Shopper Discount” with an option to reply with Messenger can be a way to get started. This can of course be followed up with an email subscription. Once you have an automated conversation going with your new visitor on Messenger, you can open them up to your Facebook Messenger sales channel.

Start by welcoming them with a catalog of your best products, and share some testimonials with them. Create a sense of personal connection with the brand through messages on Messenger and keep them engaged as they start exploring your store.

Send Receipts to Customers

Another extremely convenient way to engage with shoppers via messenger is by sending them a receipt after they make a purchase at your store. Since customers are anyway seeking receipts at one point or another, you can simply create a channel of communication on Messenger using it. It is possibly the least intrusive way of starting a conversation with your customer on Facebook Messenger.

Further, you can surprise your shopper with a discount or offer right after they make a purchase. So at the end of the receipt, could be a code for 10%. Follow it up with a message like “Thank you for your purchase, as a token of our gratitude here’s a 10% off discount code for your next order”. This works extremely well for products that require refills or repurchase for some element. For example, stores selling razors can offer a discount on blades.

Shipping Updates via Messenger

Almost all customers want to be updated about the shipping information on a recent purchase. An amazing platform to hear about shipping updates is Messenger. Usually, checking shipping updates is a multiple-step process. First, the customer has to reference the order id, then the shipping tracking number, and then follow a link and enter these details.

Instead of all this, store owners can instantly notify customers through the Facebook Messenger channel of the shipping updates. From sharing the tracking number to letting the customer know when their orders leave your hub, an automated message on Messenger can do it all without hassle.

Follow Up Messages

Once you have a loyal customer, they are likely to stay around for updates. Before they seek out your website for new information, why not send them a quick message on Messenger?

Using Facebook Messenger marketing, store owners can manage post-purchase workflows automatically. Send your customers cross-sells, upsells, a note of thanks, and information on new products! Keep your customers in the loop. This can even be taken up by customer success teams to ensure customers are happy with their recent purchase and come back to buy for more.

Send Product Recommendations

Store owners can create a conversational space through Facebook Messenger with their shoppers. This can be done by using previous interactions with a shopper, like their previous orders, wishlist, cart, reviews, etc. to send them product recommendations. Instead of creating annoying pop-ups on your store, you can send shoppers a message on Messenger.

Something like “Hey thought you might like this dress from Zara:” with an image and link to your store is a good way to personalize the shopping experience for your customers. Not only does the shopper get a personal experience, but also frequents your online store. Keeping the engagement high is always a plus for any store owner.

facebook messenger marketing - product recommendations


Promote Seasonal Deals

Surely you run many promotional campaigns on your online store. But how many of your shoppers are aware of your new deals? Let’s be fair, not many keep on checking their inbox for new deals at every store they are shopping at. Here, the Messenger channel becomes extremely handy. Being a chat platform, most users are always online and are likely to instantly view a new message from their favorite online store. And especially if it is a message for a seasonal sale, the clicks come in large numbers.

Keep Shoppers Engaged with Content

Social Media runs on good content. Whether it is a funny video or an informative post. Most social media users are used to skimming through good quality content on their feeds. Shopify store owners who have the creative touch, and are always generating good quality content whether it be blog posts or new videos can definitely leverage a dynamic platform like Facebook Messenger to share it with their shoppers.

For example, stores like Nykaa and Myntra are always creating fashionable lookbooks for customers. These lookbooks are not just a fashion statement record but a means to make a sale. Products listed in the lookbook are available in their respective stores so that interested shoppers can make a purchase straight away! You too can create content like this for your store and share it via chat on Messenger directly with your shoppers! Not only will they enjoy the content, but also might give you a sale!

How to grow your Facebook Messenger Subscriber List

On-Site Promotions

Store owners can engage their visitors through multiple ways on their website. One of the easiest ways is with a “Welcome” pop-up that somehow references Facebook Messenger. Many fun and creative ways have been employed by stores like setting up a puzzle or a spin the wheel game on Messenger itself. Obviously, you give users the option to interact with you on Messenger, but make it as fun as possible.

Another irresistible way is by creating a mystery element followed by “Reply on Messenger to Know More”. This could be a new mystery product or a mystery discount with “Unlock Discount”.

Off-Site Promotions

There are multiple campaigns store owners can run to increase their reach on Facebook Messenger. The easiest and convenient campaigns for this can be run through either Facebook itself, or through its child application, Instagram. Both of these offer huge engagement on ad campaigns and let users create Click-to Messenger ads.

With Click to Messenger ads, the clicks from an ad lead a user directly to a messenger conversation with your business. Once the shopper lands up on your messenger channel, you can easily transform it into a messenger sales channel. Engage with users automatically with a personal conversation on Messenger and further offer email and Messenger subscriptions to these customers and bring them into the loop full circle.

While the above method works wonders, there is an even more potent way of increasing your Messenger audience. That is through sponsored messaging. Users get a sponsored message from you directly in their Messenger inbox! Not only is this great for brand awareness but it also instantly creates a channel of conversation. Although this method is slightly invasive, it gives exceptional results. Marketers note that sponsored messages generate 9 times the revenue generated by marketing emails.

And the ROAS (return on ad spend) is also extremely profitable with sponsored messages.

Sponsored messages can be anything from a discount to opt into messaging to an offer on sign up or just a meme! Depending upon what tactics your target audience is most likely to engage with and enjoy the most, store owners can create a profitable conversation through sponsored messaging.

Subscribe to Stock Updates

Store owners can leverage out-of-stock products to start a conversation on Messenger! As mentioned in one of the ways to use Facebook Messenger to boost sales for your online store: stock updates can also be an easy conversation starter.

Simply allow your shoppers to subscribe to Messenger updates for out stock products by introducing an opt-in option. This could be in addition to or replace the email subscription option. Shoppers get an automated message and store owners get access to their Facebook Messenger. It is a complete win-win.

Store owners simply need to use a widget to create a Facebook Messenger channel for communication through their website. Or redirect users to the Messenger app for conversation. Either way, shoppers get the opportunity to directly sign up for stock updates, and store owners get the opportunity to personally connect with their shoppers.

Promote Messenger Exclusive Discounts

Now, this is a tricky but fun way to grow your Messenger audience. In fact, it is a great way to sell on Facebook Messenger! All you need to do is create campaigns around Messenger-only deals. For example, you could include this in your Welcome pop-up or create an email campaign like “Subscribe to Facebook Messenger Updated and get an additional 10% off”.

You can take it to the next level by including the Messenger subscription in your One time Offers at Checkout, as well. This would look something like “Send us a message on Messenger to receive an instant discount on this order!” or “Avail an extra Discount on Messenger, expires in 1 minute”. Mystery coupon codes can also be used to spice up the conversation through Messenger.

Should you care about Facebook Messenger marketing on your Shopify store?

Facebook Messenger is making waves in the eCommerce industry as a supportive, intuitive platform for store owners to reach out to their customers.

Not only is Messenger extremely convenient and personal, but it builds a sense of trust for shoppers towards brands. Apart from the benefits, it offers in terms of brand affinity, it is also incredibly easy to set up and use! Facebook Messenger for business offers innumerable automations from simple updates to full-fledged AI-backed conversations.

In fact, store owners can now set up Facebook Messenger eCommerce and sell on Facebook Messenger directly. Messenger offers Shopify store owners a massive opportunity to tap into a personalized space of communication.

Being a chat platform, Facebook Messenger channel of communication offers a huge open rate of about 80%. The sheer magnitude of this is massive compared to a meager 10% seen with emails.

Shopify store owners shouldn’t let this opportunity to expand their horizons go! Hope store owners out there are looking to leverage some of the ideas listed above soon and use Facebook Messenger to massively boost their sales.

Ready to see the impact of Facebook Messenger marketing on your Shopify store? Why not start out by seeing how sending restock alerts on it can help you recover lost sales! 

Install the Back in Stock app today to see how.

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