10+ Back in Stock Templates to Use for Your Facebook Messenger Restock Alerts

Facebook Messenger Restock Alert Templates to re-capture customers lost to product stock-outs. 

When customers sign up for back in stock alerts, they prefer to choose the channel through which they want you to communicate with them.

And surprisingly so, Facebook Messenger is fast becoming one of the most preferred channels. According to one study, at least 21% of customers prefer Facebook Messenger for communicating with businesses they’re interacting with.

The reason is simple – no one wants a cluttered email inbox or messages coming through on chat apps they like to use to talk to friends.

facebook messenger restock alert statistics

Not just promotions, customers even subscribe to back-in-stock alerts via Facebook Messenger. But it’s not always easy to direct customers back to your store even if they signed up for the restock alert and even if you send them a personalized message on Messenger.

Because let’s face it, every time we log into Facebook Messenger, we are distracted by so many other messages we have received over time!

So you have one chance to capture the subscriber’s attention.

To make it easy for you, we’ve put together 10 back in stock Facebook Messenger templates that you can use to entice your customers back to your website.

Just edit them to suit your products and services, and make them your own.

Facebook Messenger Restock Alerts Templates for Shopify stores

1. FOMO restock alert template for Facebook Messenger

It’s a tactic that works wonders for brands – FOMO or Fear of Missing Out. Building a sense of urgency around something – be it placing an order, availing an offer or a discount, can help push people to take action in the right direction NOW.

Here are two back in stock templates you can easily use to leverage FOMO marketing in your restock alerts:

Template 1

Hi <insert name>

The <insert name of product> you wanted is now back in stock on our website.

<insert product image>

There’s a limited stock. So don’t miss out this time. 

Buy it Now and 80% sold out!

CTA > Open in browser

Template 2

Hi <name>

The item you’ve been eagerly waiting for is back on our store.

CTA > Avail 10% OFF

Only for back-in-stock alert subscribers 

Use code ‘YES001’ to avail 10% off

CTA > Yes, I want to buy it now!

Ends in 6 hours, 44 minutes, 8 seconds. 

2. Incentivised Facebook messenger restock alert template

Combine your restock message with an incentive to entice your customers to make purchases. What are incentives? Free shipping, a 20% discount, buy 1, get 1 free, etc. – tactics that motivate shoppers that were already interested in the product to take that final action to purchase it.

Here are some back in stock message templates that you can use:

Template 1

Your long wait can end here, today!

The <product name> you wanted is back in stock.

Order it today and get free shipping.

(Product image)


Template 2

It’s your lucky day!

That sold-out <product name> that you wanted is back in stock.

Buy Now to Get 10% off and save $100 or more.

That’s not all.

We want to give our subscribers more.

Buy items worth $600 and we’ll give you 10% more discount.


3. Simple restock alert Facebook message

Keeping marketing communication simple never fails. Why? It’s no fuss, clear, and to the point.

You can get your message across in a straightforward manner. It’s your responsibility to send restock notifications to those shoppers who subscribed and you can do so by sending a simple alert on Facebook Messenger.

Two simple templates for you:

Template 1

The item you liked is back in stock.

<name of product>

(Add product image)


Template 2

Hi <name>

You had subscribed to be notified when this item is back in stock.

(product image)

The <product name> is back in stock.


4. Upsell restock alert for Facebook Messenger

A restock alert is also a good opportunity to upsell. Why? Because it’s possible that during the time that the customer waited for the product, they are reconsidering buying the product.

In this case, sending them a better version of the product with more features can help your restock alert convert.

Here are some templates for the same:

Template 1

Hi <name>

The <name of item> you most wanted is back!

(product image)

CTA > Buy now! 

But we have something better for you.

(upsell product image)

Feature 1 – Feature 2 – Feature 3

CTA > EXPLORE IT NOW (link to collection) 

Template 2

Your favorite <item name> is back in stock. 

(product image) 

CTA > Buy now!

But we want you to have something better.

Check out these options: 

(Product image) (Product image) (Product image)

(Product image) (Product image) (Product image)

CTA > EXPLORE MORE HERE (link to collection) 

5. Cross-sell back-in-stock alert for Facebook Messenger

When sending back-in-stock alerts via Messenger, make use of the opportunity to cross-sell too. Because there’s a high chance the subscriber may have purchased the product already. Just make sure your recommendations either compliment the product they showed interest in or are related to them in the some way.

Template 1

Hey <name>!

The <product name> you wanted is back in stock.

(product image)


And before we ship it…

…would you like to browse these items, too?

(Image of item – CTA > ADD) (Image of item – CTA > ADD) (Image of item – CTA > ADD)

There’s more in the store — > (link to store) 

Template 2

The Smoothie Maker You’ve Been Waiting For Is BACK!

(product image)

CTA > Awesome, take me to the store!

Customers who bought the smoothie maker, also bought:

(Image  + name + price of smoothie glasses) (Image + name + price of eco-friendly smoothie straws)

I want to see more in the store (link to store)

Send your first Facebook Messenger restock alert today!

There’s a lot that you have to keep in mind when sending restock alerts via Facebook Messenger. There’s also a lot you can do to make use of the opportunity.

The only way to make it work for you is to send out your restock alerts on time with smart automations and in a personalized manner.

Struggling to keep up with Facebook Messenger back in stock automation?

Install the Back in Stock app today!

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