10 Types of Sales, Discounts, and Deals to Increase Shopify Sales During BFCM

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The crux of a good BFCM sale lies in the first step— choosing your discounts and deals. Whether you’re giving 40% off or a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ offer, this discount is what will attract new shoppers to your Shopify store and get past customers to purchase again.

There is no right answer to the type of discount you can offer during BFCM. However, we want to help you decide your preferred discount and figure out some key practices needed for different types of discounts and deals.

We listed 10 types of sales, discounts, and deals that different merchants offer their customers along with tips on how you can set it on your Shopify store. You can set up just one of these offers or use a cocktail of 2 or 3 offers to provide a discount-filled BFCM experience to your customers. 

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10 Types of Sales, Discounts and Deals for BFCM

1. Percentage discount

Percentage discounts are discounts that take a percentage off the total price of a product or cart. For BFCM, many merchants set up large percentage discounts like 20% to 40%. 

It’s always best to cap your percentage discount at a certain dollar amount. So, your discount can be “40% off upto 100 USD”. This way, you can ensure that a high-value cart isn’t discounted at the complete 40% and that you aren’t losing out on your profit margins.

To set it up: You can create these percentage discounts through the ‘Discount’ page on your Shopify dashboard. Or, if you want to create different percentage discounts for different types of products, you can use the Volume and Discounted Pricing app. The Shopify app lets you customize your discounts for different products and collections.

Set up percentage discounts with the Volume and Discounted Pricing app now!

2. Dollar value discount

Besides percentage discounts, you can also offer a dollar-value discount that slashes the cart price based on a fixed amount rather than a percentage variable. Offers like “Shop for more than $80 and get $10 off” is one such example. 

To set it up: The Volume and Discounted Pricing app allow you to create dollar-value discounts. With this, you can create ‘Spend Amount- Get Discount’ offers where shoppers need to spend as much or more than a specified amount. Or, you can also set up ‘Buy X for $Y, so that shoppers can get a specific dollar-value off for buying a multiple numbers of products. 

Install the Volume and Discounted Pricing app to set up customized discounts for your BFCM sale.


BOGO is “Buy One, Get One Free”. Such offers give customers the lower priced item for free when they buy two items that qualify for this BOGO deal. Many fashion brands are known to run such offers due to their high inventory volumes and low production costs. 

To set it up: You can set up the BOGO offer through the ‘Discount’ page on your Shopify dashboard. Here, you can choose the ‘Buy X get Y’ offer type and pick the collections for which the BOGO offer is valid.

4. Volume discount

Made for bulk shoppers, volume discounts are perfect for items that shoppers can buy and store like food products, beauty items, skincare products, etc. Volume discounts give customers a reduced price for buying items in bulk.

To set it up: Setting up volume discounts is easy with the Volume and Discounted Pricing app. Use the app to pick the volume discount type, how much discount the shopper gets, and for which product(s). You can include it within your product pages and customize the volume discount table for easy viewing.

Install the Volume and Discounted Pricing app to set up volume discounts and sell more items during BFCM. 

5. Free shipping

You don’t have to always slash prices to run a discount! Free shipping is one offer commonly used by many Shopify store. This allows customers to shop from your store without having to pay any shipping charges. 

Many Shopify stores place a minimum purchase requirement for free shipping but if you’re running this offer for BFCM, we always recommend setting it up without any minimum purchase values. This allows even new customers to easily shop an item that caught their eye without having to worry about large shipping rates.

To set it up: You can set up free shipping as a deal on your Shopify store for BFCM by going to ‘Discounts’ within your Shopify dashboard and creating this offer there.

Discounts and Deals

6. Bundled discount

Bundle discounts allow shoppers to buy two items for a reduced price. Bundles are usually items that are well-paired together, allowing shoppers who are already interested in one item to also get another item that complements the first choice.

To set it up: Use apps like Bold Bundles and Wiser to set up bundles of products that pair well together. You can add these bundled widgets within the product pages of the relevant items so that shoppers can directly add them to their cart.

bundled discounts

7. First Order Discount

If you’re running a small discount like 15%, you can make it even more enticing for new visitors by providing them with a discount on top of the offer you’ve already enabled storewide. Provide new customers with a first-order discount. This gives them a large discount on their cart for the first order they purchase.

To set it up: You can set this up within your ‘Discounts’ page on your Shopify dashboard. Ensure that you’ve created a code like ‘FIRST30’ and that you display this within brand awareness ads and within your announcement bar to get first-time store visitors to purchase.

8. Abandoned Cart Offer

Many brands set up a discount within their abandoned cart messages to entice shoppers to give their cart another chance and complete checkout. These offers usually make shoppers who have abandoned their cart more willing to checkout.

To set it up: Create the discount within your ‘Discounts’ page on your Shopify dashboard. You can then copy the discount code or automatic discount link to use within your abandoned cart messages across email, SMS, and web push. 

Pro-tip: If you already have a large discount running within your Shopify store during BFCM, you can avoid adding another discount within the abandoned cart. Instead, you can use the abandoned cart message to remind shoppers about the deals already running on your store. Offers for abandoned carts are best set up if you have a small BFCM sale like 15% off or free shipping.

9. Exit Intent Offer

Exit-intent offers are discounts shared within an exit intent pop-up in an attempt to get customers to not abandon mid-browse.

To set it up: You can display an offer within the exit intent pop-up by creating one within your Shopify dashboard and then placing the discount within your exit-intent with Privy. You can also make the exit intent offer more exciting for your store visitors by setting up a spin wheel with EVM Spin Wheel. A spin wheel adds an interactive element for the customer, allowing them to spin a wheel which lands on a discount which unlocks for them.

discounts and deals on exit intent

10. Rewards 

Many merchants offer rewards to customers for daily purchases and activities taken on their Shopify store. These rewards are provided as loyalty points and store credits. If you provide loyalty points, you can set up rewards especially for BFCM. who buy during the BFCM sale. 

Set up double the loyalty points for any action taken by your customers during BFCM, from purchasing to leaving a review to subscribing. This can incentivize your shoppers to shop, even if you don’t have a large discount set up.

To set it up: You can set up rewards with Flits. The app lets you build your loyalty program and even communicate with shoppers when they earn or redeem their rewards. Ensure that you’ve customized the number of credits they receive during BFCM so that 

Sell Smartly on Your Shopify Store During BFCM

While it is traditional to run a large discounts and deals during BFCM, it isn’t mandatory to offer these big discounts. Instead, what is more important is how you position yourself and how easy you make it for your customers to shop from you.

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So, even if you haven’t set up discounts, you need to make your Shopify store accessible and lower your chances of losing sales.

Here are some tips for better BFCM experiences:
  • Allow shoppers to find products they are looking for by setting up better search experiences. Use Searchly to allow shoppers to get auto-suggested products when searching and allow shoppers to filter their search based on attributes like reviews and color.
  • Ensure you don’t lose sales to stockouts by allowing shoppers to subscribe to stocked out items. You can use the Back in Stock app to capture shopper intent and later inform these interested shoppers about the product’s availability.
  • Lower drop-offs on your product pages with product recommendations placed at the end of your product pages. Searchly lets you display recommendations across your Shopify store, from ‘New Arrivals’ to ‘Similar Items’.

We hope this helps you plan your BFCM sale better. When setting up customized discounts, it’s always best to set up an app that helps you customize these offers and display them in an attractive widget within your Shopify store. 

Volume and Discounted Pricing is a Shopify app that lets you set up customized offers for your products. This is especially helpful if you want to set up varied discounts and deals across your inventory during BFCM. The app lets you even customize the discount table being placed on your product pages and the discount widgets so that it matches the look and feel of your Shopify store design.

Install the Volume and Discounted Pricing app to set up customized discounts and deals for your BFCM sale.

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